Providing maximum productivity irrespective of location NAK

Providing maximum productivity irrespective of location


Secure Remote Working

We work with you on your overall remote access strategy, ensuring that the best solution and policies are delivered to fully meet the objectives of the business. Remote access technology is moving at a fast pace with ever-increasing complex security considerations and needs to sit into a broader strategic view of the enterprise IT security perimeter. SASE offers integrated networking, security and identification services to maximise the effectiveness of your provisions for remote working alongside users working in corporate locations. NAK work with you to understand your business requirements
and select the most appropriate combination of technologies, whether traditional VPN technology or the latest cloud-delivered SASE solution.

We provide the following using a modern Zero Trust principle:

>  An understanding of the overall business, IT Infrastructure, architecture, users, devices and services.
>  Providing strong user and device identity
>  Authentication anywhere
>  Monitoring of and controlling access to all devices, data and services
>  Policies by the value of the services and data
>  Zero trust for any networking including the LAN
>  Adoption of solutions and services designed for zero trust


Desktop as a Service and VDI

NAK assists businesses with design, build and deployment of multi hypervisor-based compute and storage including both legacy, hyper-converged technologies and disaggregated hyper-converged solutions. Working with the leading global vendors we deliver end to end solutions using virtual apps, desktops using cloud and op-prem infrastructure and client operating systems, including virtual desktops. We also have extensive knowledge of 3D grid-based workload deployments technologies and desktop and application deployment using machine creation services, provisioning services and legacy deployment via hypervisor templates. Public cloud platforms offer a variety of compelling virtual desktop solutions, and we work with you to ensure you get the right combination of services for your business, including virtual apps, cloud
desktops, remote access gateways and optimised cloud management.


Unified Communications as a Service

Connect your team and your customers with an integrated suite of cloud communications tools. The range of communications technologies available to every size of organisation continues to proliferate. While they can provide many useful functionalities, managing a disparate set of individual tools can be awkward and inefficient, and in some cases present security risks. Adopting a UCaaS approach will reduce duplication and save costs while enhancing opportunities for collaboration and creativity across your business. NAK supports Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, and our clients can draw on the full resources of our Service Desk.

Benefits of NAK’s Unified Communications as a Service

>  Increased collaboration and creativity
>  Reduced duplication
>  Cost savings through flexible calling plans
>  Per-user, per month pricing
>  Support for all communication types: voice, video, instant messaging and presence
>  Service Desk 24/7/365

Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft's flagship unified communications and collaboration platform, and it has an impressive array of features and functionality including voice, conferencing, instant messaging, whiteboarding, screen sharing and mobile access. It's also not widely known that Teams can accommodate many external apps; YouTube, Google Maps and even Zoom can run on Teams.

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