Ensuring the best location for your mission-critical applications - NAK
Ensuring the best location for your mission-critical applications - NAK

Ensuring the best location for your mission-critical applications

Digital transformation is driving new ways of working with cloud technologies often being the only platform from which new and innovative services can be consumed, combining the most cost-effective route to consume the latest security offerings. However, we are in a transition period where the merits of operating traditional on-prem infrastructure mean significant traditional technology footprints will need to be maintained and optimised for the foreseeable future. As the saying goes "there is no Cloud, just someone else's data centre". Hence, it is vital to ensure the right mix of services and technologies is delivered, ensuring core compute services are provided most appropriately, balancing the business requirements, security risk and cost.

Whilst cloud undoubtedly represents the future of core compute infrastructure for the majority of businesses, most organisations with a substantial infrastructure footprint will be required to operate, optimise and maintain their non-cloud infrastructure. We help organisations to ensure they operate the right balance of computing services, appropriately sourced, using both cloud and traditional technologies to best suit the business requirements.



Designing and delivering the best cloud combination for your business

For most organisations, the best technology solution will result from deploying a combination of platforms. It might involve private and on-premise infrastructure as well as a range of public cloud providers. This approach is becoming increasingly important and popular. It offers flexibility and efficiency, can be highly cost-effective and mitigates the ‘lock-in’ risks associated with using a single vendor. However, it can also lead to complicated technology architectures that are hard to manage and lack future-proofing.

Getting your Multicloud strategy right is at the centre of what we do for our clients. We provide independent advice on a range of cross-platform technologies through our team of solutions architects and cloud consultants. Their job is to understand the needs of your business, help you develop the right strategy and assist you in the process of identifying, specifying and deploying your Multicloud solution as seamlessly as possible.

We are an independent provider and can advise on technologies from leading vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, private cloud, on-premise infrastructure and co-location. In addition to the leading Cloud vendors, many clients use our proprietary NAK enterprise hosting platform. This offers greater flexibility, especially where legacy systems need to be incorporated into the solution and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

"NAK have allowed us to push forward with a modern approach to hybrid-cloud architecture, taking advantage of both private and public cloud offerings. As with other organisations, no one solution resolves all problems. Working with NAK allows us the flexibility to find the right solution for the specific issue at hand.

Working together, we find the best technical and commercial solution for our business. Nothing is written in stone, and I am confident that, as our needs change, NAK will work with us to ensure that those needs are met."

Campbell Irvine, IT Operations Manager, Dobbies Garden Centres

Benefits of NAK’s Multicloud

>  The right balance of cloud and traditional infrastructure to suit your business
>  Greater agility and flexibility
>  Reduced 'single-vendor' risk
>  Better optimised workloads
>  Data compliance
>  Cost advantage in most cases


Public Cloud

Cloud platforms offer an exclusive suite of services that cannot be replicated within a traditional infrastructure. To maintain competitive advantage and provide users with the IT service they require, multiple clouds need to be integrated into the IT stack as part of the overall service portfolio.


However, the dramatically different service and commercial models provided by the consumption- based cloud vendors mean care must be taken to ensure the right fit for the appropriate elements of IT infrastructure. Clarity with roles and responsibilities in addition to clear expectations for commercial considerations all need to be provided in advance to inform the decision making.
NAK has a successful track record in helping clients decide on the right strategy and choosing between the platforms available.
NAK&'s cloud consultants will work with you to create the most appropriate cloud strategy, using leading-edge toolsets to assist you in understanding your current workloads and how best to migrate them.

Private Cloud

Some clients cannot or do not want to move significant workloads to the Cloud. Concerns can include the security of intellectual property (IPR), the change in the pricing model or simply an incompatibility with critical legacy business applications. In our experience, traditional infrastructure remains an essential requirement for many organisations, and our advice will always be led by the best interests of your business.

NAK's enterprise hosting platform forms our private cloud and allows us to offer a fully managed environment, capable of hosting your legacy and traditional applications that do not suit the public cloud either technically or commercially. We take care of the all day to day running of the environment and leave you with the peace of mind to concentrate on your business applications, not the infrastructure it’s running on.

Benefits of NAK’s enterprise cloud

>  More easily tailored than public cloud
>  Suitable for hosting legacy systems
>  Full interoperability
>  Cost- effective


On-Prem and Co-Location

We provide support for all your infrastructure irrespective of what it is or where it sits. We ensure all your infrastructure is managed appropriately, whether the assets are at your locations or ours. We offer a range of purpose-built data centre locations where we can take full ownership of the assets and provide the support that you require.ou to create the most appropriate cloud strategy, using leading-edge toolsets to assist you in understanding your current workloads and how best to migrate them.

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