High performance, always-on connectivity with support from our specialist team - NAK
High performance, always-on connectivity with support from our specialist team - NAK

High performance, always-on connectivity with support from our specialist team

Cloud technologies are enabling an increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce, and a network has to provide always-on & secure access to the tools, platforms and environments needed for productivity.

The networking dilemma is that this connectivity is balanced against ever-increasing security threats; business agility cannot be at the cost of security, nor can it be sacrificed for it.

SASE and Software-Defined networking provide the best answers yet to modern networking and security demands, where traditional networks, cloud security services and internet connections are managed, secured and dynamically optimised with real-time software automation. Users can access their cloud services directly from their geographic place of work and maintain private access to their corporate network for critical business applications, with a high level of security.

>  Network visibility and control – we want to make better decisions with improved visibility and understanding of the network. As network traffic increases, we need to be sure about how much capacity we have and how to utilise it best.

>  User experience – we continuously need better performance and reliability for our users as they adopt increasingly demanding business applications and the use of multiple cloud

>  Agile deployments of connectivity – we need to keep up with an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce. The global changes to working life in 2020 have had a profound impact on
business users’ working locations, and we need to be able to quickly provide business-grade services irrespective of where they are working.

>  Security – Our IT threat landscape is becoming increasingly complex, and it is a challenge that must be met with the latest technology innovations to maintain the appropriate level of
protection. Cloud services are demanding increased access when security demands require that we lock down our environments. Addressing this balance appropriately for our business is critical.

>  Optimising performance with costs – We need to be sure we are benefitting from the latest cost reduction opportunities offered by new technology. Traditional network links can be
supplemented or replaced by more cost-effective circuits whilst maintaining and often enhancing the security and performance of our network.

The key challenges to balancing your network demands:


SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) combines software-defined networking with security monitoring and appliances, and advanced threat protection from the cloud to provide the latest integrated and resilient services, to address the ever-increasing security threat landscape. With leading cloud vendors providing the latest scalable and always up-to-date platforms, SASE offers a comprehensive suite of services to provide users with the access they need whilst ensuring heightened security is maintained.


Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Software-Defined WAN provides a secure virtual network overlay to existing networks, whether private MPLS or public internet. By delivering an overlay across all network types, organisations can realise the benefits from a secure SD-WAN that sits across all connections: corporate network links/existing WAN, remote workers using public internet or Wi-Fi zones. By incorporating the latest cloud security and real-time automation, organisations can be assured that their SD-WAN is dynamically optimised to suit the changing requirements as the network adapts to suit the real-time
needs of business users. SD-WAN offers the latest vendor innovations and security in networking but also provides reduced
complexity for network management and consolidation of costs saving significant sums.


MPLS is an established technology that remains the core workhorse of many networks. Although it’s been around for a long time, it provides highly reliable connections and is likely to form the backbone for many enterprise networks for years to come. By integrating MPLS with SD-WAN technologies where appropriate, organisations can have the best of both worlds. We offer full design flexibility, including point-to-point, hub and spoke or full mesh, with hosting in multiple independent data centres.

Dedicated Internet Access
Every business needs reliable connectivity to the internet for users, irrespective of their location. NAK provides connectivity to the internet to best suit all of your connectivity business requirements. We offer software-defined networking for demanding applications when required to ensure your business gets the very best performance from its internet connectivity.


LAN & Wi-Fi

All networking infrastructure needs to be capable of supporting the increasingly demanding needs of users requiring secure, scalable and appropriate access to a variety of digital and cloud environments. Core business applications, video and voice, are increasingly in demand in today's digital workplace, putting a strain on traditional configurations of LAN and Wi-Fi infrastructure. NAK provides the leading innovative vendor technologies to ensure your LAN and Wi-Fi is equipped to provide the services your users demand whilst giving you peace of mind that it is managed and

>  Benefits of NAK Networking
>  Latest leading vendor technologies with security built-in
>  Designed for the Cloud and a digital-first working landscape
>  Specialist support
>  Carrier neutrality enables the best connectivity
>  Fully managed or hybrid
>  ServiceDesk 24/7/365
>  Real-time monitoring

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