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You should be aware that when you access or use our content, products and services, we may collect information from your devices through the use of 'cookies'. Cookies perform various different functions, and the purpose of this policy is to give you a clearer understanding of:

  • What cookies are

  • Why do we use cookies

  • How we use cookies

  • How you can control the use of cookies


What Are Cookies?

Cookies are text files containing a small amount of information that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Your browser makes cookies available each time you visit our websites.

Further guidance on how to modify the use of cookies is included at the end of this document.


Why Do We Use Cookies?


Cookies are used by our website to improve your online experience and to ensure that relevant content and functions are delivered and used more effectively.


We use both session cookies and persistent cookies to perform various functions across our sites:


  • Session cookies are downloaded to your device temporarily for the period that you browse a particular website; these cookies might allow you to navigate between pages more efficiently or enable websites to remember the preferences you select.

  • Persistent cookies can be used to help websites remember you as a returning visitor or ensure the online adverts you receive are more relevant to your interests.


How We Use Cookies

When you visit our websites, Cookies will be placed on your device in two ways. Cookies placed by NAK, as the site operator, are called "first party" Cookies.


Cookies may also be placed on your device by a party other than NAK, such cookies are known as "third party” cookies.


Examples of the uses of third party cookies include collecting information about browser habits and providing tailored content to you.


While there are many different uses for first and third-party cookies, the cookies used by us all fall into one of the following four main categories of cookies:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies

  • Functionality Cookies

  • Performance Cookies

  • Third Party Marketing / Targeting Cookies


Set out below is more information on these categories of cookies, including their purpose and whether these cookies collect personal data:

How Can You Control the Use of Cookies?

You can amend your browser settings to block some or all cookies.

For your ease of reference, we have provided the links below which provide instructions on how to remove and delete cookies for some of the more common web browsers. Please be aware that if you block cookies from the websites, some or all the website's functions may not perform as intended:


Mobile phone users may have to refer to their handset manual for details on how to block cookies using their mobile browser.


For more information about online behavioural advertising cookies and opt-out controls, please go to More information regarding opting out of platform based advertising can be found at


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If you have any questions about how we use Cookies, you can contact us by emailing:

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