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Values - NAK
Values - NAK

Working at NAK

To help identify what makes people successful at NAK we have produced a set of behaviours that help ensure our customers will be in safe hands and NAK will be a great place to work. We look for these behaviours in all prospective team members and, naturally, hold ourselves to them too. 


Our purpose is to help to enable and release customers’ potential, through exceptional IT infrastructure services and bring peace of mind and confidence, through reliability and trustworthiness as an IT partner.

“They shine because they are open and honest, they understand our politics and our strategy”

How we behave

You make an Impact (we want a reputation for all the right reasons)

>  You genuinely care for our customers
>  You apply yourself to getting the most important things done
>  You are dependable and believe that actions speak louder than words
>  You are always striving to improve
>  You are optimistic and dedicated to your work
  You contribute by suggesting new ways of working

You use Judgement (we make wise decisions and we don’t need to be told what to do)

>  You give the benefit of the doubt when dealing with others
>  You identify what someone is looking to achieve and support them
>  You search for root causes not symptoms
>  You look to build long-term valuable relationships
>  You remain calm in stressful situations
>  You hold yourself and others to account in-line with our values
>  You only say things about colleagues that you say to their faces
>  You gauge when flexibility is required over process
  You always act in the best interests of NAK

You take Courage (we are consistent and accountable for our actions)

>  You have a reputation for being hardworking, honest and delivering high-quality work

>  You stick to the truth and do not play political games
>  You admit when you are wrong and are quick to apologise
>  You are humble when dealing with others and quietly confident
>  You give your honest view, when striving for NAK’s best interests, even when it is difficult to do so
>  You are prepared to be vulnerable and fail publicly
>  You do the right thing, rather than the easy thing

You practice Selflessness (together we succeed or not at all)

>  You treat others the way you wish to be treated
>  You put customer’s interests before NAK’s
>  You strive for the collective good, rather than your individual success
>  You proactively help others and do not look to take the credit
>  You volunteer information and time to help when required
>  You do your best work, even when no-one is watching
>  You go the extra mile for customers
>  You listen first and speak second

You are Refreshing (we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our business very seriously)

>  You are real, authentic and professional at all times
>  You let your personality shine through your work
>  You are fun to be around and do not take yourself too seriously
>  You are prepared to be quirky without compromising our values
>  You have the confidence to be yourself but the humility to learn from others

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