IT Managed Services

Our aim at NAK is to provide you with a trusted and value-adding range of Managed Services that act as a seamless extension of your internal IT resource.

You will find that we are flexible in the way we work, aligning to your business and the way you work while bringing along significant expertise and experience of best practice.

Our Managed Services range from looking after your SD-WAN environment, helping you to optimise and manage your cloud environments, and providing highly responsive and effective IT help desk services.

The Types Of Managed Services We Offer

Managed SD-WAN

We offer SD-WAN as a fully managed service where we take care of both the intelligent WAN layer and the underlying connectivity. We proactively monitor your WAN usage and continually optimise your SD-WAN solution to provide the best possible efficiency and performance.

Managed Networking

Our Managed Networking service ensures that you not only keep your network infrastructure in line with business needs, but that the configuration, patching and optimisation of this network is proactively monitored, supported and managed.

Managed Cloud

We offer a range of Managed Services that can cover both your cloud and on-premise environments ensuring that this physical and virtual infrastructure is aligned to changing business needs and optimising the cloud services that you utilise to deliver the best possible value.

Vulnerability & Patch Management

We offer a range of services to proactively monitor your IT environment and take care of the housekeeping. Our services ensures that your infrastructure is kept up to date with the latest software and firmware patches and that vulnerabilities are flagged and addressed.

The Benefits Of Working With NAK

With NAK, you gain a managed services partner that aligns their services to your specific needs. We work with you to define the gaps you are looking to fill and craft a service and set of SLAs to meet these needs.

Our aim is to be a true partner and your trusted advisor. We work best when we truly understand your business, your challenges and can act as a seamless part of your virtual team.

You gain the benefits of a Managed Services partner that consistently delivers the level of service you require. We believe in open and transparent collaboration and what that delivers for you is a proactive approach that continually aims to provide the best possible experience for you and your end-users.

Let’s Explore How We Can Help

We would love to explore how we can help; to understand the gaps you have in your current operations and see where NAK can deliver Managed Services to address these and add value as part of your virtual team.

Simply complete the form and one of the team will contact you.