Public & Private Cloud

Public and Private Cloud

Leveraging cloud computing technology can bring numerous benefits to your business. Elasticity, scalability, security and agility are just some of the value offered. Here at NAK, we can assist you in choosing the right services to fit your business needs and bring tangible value into your organisation.

Our expertise and experience encompass On-Prem environments, Private Clouds and Public Clouds. This enables us to take a holistic and pragmatic approach. We can help you understand the options available to you, assist with migration and provide you with a comprehensive range of managed services to ensure you maximise your hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Our Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Migration

Whether you are looking to migrate to Office 365 or leverage Public Cloud services to host core applications and business data we can help you to plan, manage and execute the transition. Our understanding of these environments and experience of migration will ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Cloud Management & Optimisation

Our understanding of the different cloud environments enables us to provide a comprehensive range of cloud managed services and cloud optimisation services. We ensure you make best use of the tools and services available to you, optimise performance against business need and select the most effective cloud plans.

Cloud Security

As part of our Network Security offerings, we assist organisations to leverage cloud hosted and cloud managed security services to not only protect their public and private cloud environments, but to deliver key services such as NGFW, Intrusion Protection and Secure Access Management.

Cloud Business Continuity

The cloud can empower organisations in establishing a comprehensive business continuity strategy. NAK will assist you in the development of robust backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored to your environment.

Cloud Connectivity

As you move more of your business-critical applications to the cloud, we can assist you in ensuring that; you have the most appropriate connectivity into these environments to ensure maximum performance, reliability, and security for your end-users.


Enabling you to accelerate your journey to the cloud through meticulous planning and migration services that minimises risk, cost and disruption to your business.


Providing a consistent managed service that scales your environment and ensures service continuity.



Continuous monitoring of your cloud environment, ensuring that you leverage the appropriate services available and select the most cost-effective service plans to deliver on the needs of your business.

Your Trusted Cloud Partner

Whether you are starting your transition to the cloud or looking to accelerate a current migration programme, the process can appear to be complex and challenging. We apply our DOTS approach to simplify this process and minimise risk by developing a clear roadmap to your destination. Our Discovery phase aims to clearly define the needs of your business and the outcomes you are looking for. This identifies current gaps and enables a clear road map to be developed to close these gaps.

We work with you to optimise your current on-prem and cloud infrastructure and guide you through the transformational steps to build scalability, flexibility and resilience. This is supported by a range of managed services to continually align these environments to your changing business needs.

Want To Talk Cloud?

Whether you want to embark on a cloud migration; or have areas of your current cloud infrastructure that you are unsure about, we are happy to talk. We can connect you with one of our cloud specialists, who can explain how we are helping organisations like yours to embrace the cloud.

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