IT projects can be amongst the most disruptive of business practices. That’s why NAK's Professional Services make every effort to ensure any deployment or relocation project is designed, deployed and managed so that it runs as smoothly as possible, minimising the impact on day-to-day operations.

Professional Services

Systems Design

Your systems are defined by the processes and users they support. As your business requirements change over time, your systems need to be flexible and scalable enough to adapt to your changing demands.

In a connected world, systems rarely exist in isolation. Integration with legacy technologies, both internally and up and down the supply chain, are also a consideration.

Function Defines Form
Systems design begins with an understanding of the business processes it needs to support. Workforce mobility, collaboration, workflows, multi-site operations and compliance obligations will all dictate user access, security, connectivity, storage capacity and application support.
Legacy Integration
When it comes to designing solutions, we take a close look at your legacy equipment, and that of your suppliers and customers, to identify the key integration challenges. We often find that we can re-purpose elements of your existing infrastructure, reducing the financial impact of new solutions.

Environmental Design
Our datacentre design team are experts in understanding not just the system components, but the environment within which they operate. We consider all aspects of environmental performance; from power and cooling for high-density computing to physical access, systems monitoring and management.
Future Proofing
The pace at which technology evolves shows no signs of slowing down. When we design a system, we don’t just look at the objectives it needs to meet today. We design solutions with a clear technology roadmap; with built-in flexibility and scalability to help our clients maximise the long-term returns on their investment.

Vendor Neutral
As an independent systems integrator and managed service provider, we are not restricted to recommending any specific vendor. We will offer an unbiased assessment of your existing vendor relationships before designing a solution that is tailored to meet your objectives without compromising on performance.
Reduced Overhead
Any system, however complex, should remain as simple as possible at the point of use. Usability and ease of management are major considerations during the systems design process. Reducing management and administrative overhead can help to reduce TCO over the lifetime of your IT investment.


We dedicate ourselves to reducing downtime by pre-configuring and testing as much of the system as possible before going on-site. We take advantage of off-peak business time to minimise disruption and work to a proven project methodology to minimise the time from power-up to productivity.

Our installation teams comprise qualified voice, data and IT technicians along with PRINCE 2 project managers to ensure quality of service throughout.

By testing your new system in a lab environment we are able to pre-configure the majority of components. This has a dual effect; firstly we can experience and overcome any integration issues in a controlled environment without impacting the business. Secondly, it dramatically reduces the on-site installation time.
Delivery & Installation
We follow a detailed implementation plan for any deployment project. We use specialist movement and installation equipment where required and all assets are tagged and managed throughout. We follow detailed technical diagrams, floor and desk plans to ensure the system you get is the system you asked for.

Voice & Data Connectivity
Once your systems are in place, we provide a comprehensive range of voice and data connectivity services to ensure optimum performance and bandwidth. Choose from traditional ISDN or SIP-based VoIP for your calls and DSL, Fibre, MPLS or VPLS for your data services.

Project Management

Our experienced project management professionals, working to exacting PRINCE 2 standards, have successfully implemented a broad range of IT and communications technology projects.

Our experts take a considered and planned approach to every project, ensuring that delivery exactly matches your objectives. We keep you engaged throughout every stage of the process and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver on time and within budget.

A Wealth of Experience
Project management has been a core competency of NAK for more than a decade. Over this time, we have delivered countless projects for both end-user clients and some of the UKs largest technology companies.
Quality of Service
With a single point of contact and escalation across the life-cycle of the implementation, project controls, quality assurance and stakeholder engagement is maintained throughout.
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