A Hybrid Infrastructure, built to your own requirements

Data Centre

There are myriad options available in building the modern datacentre. Whether on-premise, co-location, private or public cloud, we will guide you to the best solution, based on your current and future business needs.


NAK are experts in the design, build and management of data centres. Our consultants are experienced in creating data centre solutions for today’s modern, high-density and highly-virtualised IT environments. We take a holistic approach to data centre design; encompassing the selection and location of equipment, power, cooling, access control and management.


NAK partners with the world’s leading hardware manufacturers to provide highly-resilient, highly-available computing solutions. Our datacentres feature industry-leading blade, tower and rack servers and our experience in virtualised and consolidated environments helps our clients get the most from their limited floor space.

All of our data centres are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. As your business grows your computing requirements change over time; so your data centre needs to scale with you. A right-sized IT estate means never being under-resourced or paying for more than you need.


NAK utilises a range of storage technologies for critical back-up, recovery and archive process. Our Storage Area Networks (SANs) provide high-speed access to large volumes of stored data; helping to improve business continuity and compliance while reducing back-up and recovery times.


Data centre security goes beyond the traditional anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall and encryption technologies that protect your systems. Real-time monitoring, intrusion detection and user authentication can all be incorporated to enhance the physical security of your critical IT assets.

Power & Cooling

Power and cooling are a major consideration in modern data centre design; not just in terms of meeting SLAs for server up-time and operating temperature, but in terms of managing operating costs. Efficient power and cooling can also be leveraged to help organisations meet environmental targets.

Monitoring & Management

As datacentre environments become more complex they are required to balance the demands of availability, performance and efficiency. Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions can help by providing 24/7, real-time asset monitoring and management.

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