Jonathan and Marcus, NAK’s Directors, head every customer relationship. As a customer of NAK, you will get to know them both well, and be able to call on them at any time, day or night. They lead a talented and committed team of IT professionals able to provide the depth and scope of resource our customers need while delivering responsive and personal service. We work on the basis that every customer should feel as if they’re our only customer. 

"I’ve worked at NAK for 6 years and really enjoying my time here. A lot of the enjoyment is due to the people I work with. "

"The best thing about NAK are the people, I am surrounded by a lot of highly technical people who genuinely care about the company and our customers"

"Entering my third year at NAK now, really enjoyable environment with some great people"

“NAK is a lively and friendly organisation, where employee development and satisfaction are key"

"NAK is a great place to work with lots of different and exiting things to do"

"Being an agile and flexible company enables us to provide a great service to customers "

"Although I have only recently joined NAK, I’ve been made to feel welcome and the team I work with are knowledgeable, hard-working and most importantly great to work with"

"I like working for NAK as I am made to feel that I contribute to the success of the company"

“ Everyone within NAK is supportive when you are trying to develop new skills and improve on existing ones”

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To help identify what makes people successful at NAK we have produced a set of behaviours that help ensure our customers will be in safe hands and NAK will be a great place to work. We look for these behaviours in all prospective team members and, naturally, hold ourselves to them too. 



  • You genuinely care for our customers

  • You apply yourself to getting the most important things done

  • You are dependable and believe that actions speak louder than words

  • You are always striving to improve

  • You are optimistic and dedicated to your work

  • You contribute by suggesting new ways of working

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