“We have worked with NAK for 3 years and find them a great cultural fit for us. They have the advantage of being relatively small and flexible. They are very customer centric and always honour their commitments. They are also not afraid to say no when they feel they cannot deliver; a quality I really respect.”

Bob Wilde - IS Director, Europe & Africa

Being a ‘big fish in a small pond’ is a common reason why our customers choose to work with us.  They like the personal service they get from NAK and they know that when, inevitably, problems occur, we will get on and solve them. Mostly, though, they feel that we are part of their team and, as an IT partner, we can’t ask for any better accolade than that.

NAK works at its best with customers who want to build mutually beneficial relationships, and who value us as a partner. We make the same effort in selecting our customers as we do our people. We can (and do) say no to opportunities where the cultural fit isn’t right, or where we are not confident that we are the right partner. Our reputation matters to us and all of our customers have come via our network or as a result of a referral. Our aim has always been to grow in a controlled and manageable way, ensuring that we maintain our standards and our relationships.

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