Supporting Hybrid Working

The New IT Challenges of Hybrid Working

Your infrastructure was designed to support people working in the office or remotely, it was unlikely to have been designed to support the new world of Hybrid Working.

Your office is being redesigned to support hot-desks and huddle rooms, how will this affect your wireless network? Video collaboration has taken off as well as greater cloud access, do you understand how this will impact your network? And with virtual working comes a whole new set of security challenges, and the need to have in place secure access management.

Whereas it is unlikely you will need to replace your existing infrastructure, it is inevitable that changes will be required to re-align resources, optimise performance, and secure a now much greater surface attack area. This is where NAK can help, assessing your infrastructure against these new requirements and assisting you to optimise and secure your network.

How We Help

Wireless Assessment

We can help you to assess your wireless network in the light of office reconfigurations ensuring optimum coverage and performance to meet the new requirements of hybrid working.

Adopt SD-WAN

What you require from your WAN has probably changed considerably. Remote working and cloud migration means it is time to asses your WAN, and NAK can help you forecast the possible savings by adopting SD-WAN.

Access & End-Point Security

With remote workers and a proliferation of end-user devices, your challenge will be: how to secure this. We can help you deploy, identify, and access management while meticulously monitoring all devices on your extended network.

Cloud Migration

You are looking to accelerate your adoption of cloud, not just to support hybrid working but to create agility. With expertise in public and private clouds we can help you explore all of your options and smoothly migrate.

Secure Connectivity

You need to support any user in any location on any device, whilst also ensuring that your network remains secure. We can help you do this by embracing the principles of SASE to deliver secure connectivity to a secure managed network.

Four Critical IT Challenges To Support Hybrid Working

We are helping many of our clients to embrace hybrid working and to adapt their IT infrastructure to support this. Our Best Practice Guide walks you through the key challenges and how these are best overcome.

The Value We Bring To Hybrid Working

Addressing the challenges created with Hybrid Working requires a holistic perspective to your IT environment. It not only affects your network, but fundamentally is a connectivity, cloud and security challenge.

NAK brings that holistic perspective with not only expertise in secure managed networks and cloud, but extensive experience in assessing, optimising and managing complex virtual environments.

We will work with you to re-assess the needs of your business, connect the dots of where you are now and where you need to be, and help you to transition to hybrid working.

Happy To Talk About Your Challenge

Hybrid working is throwing up different challenges for different people, we are more than happy to talk about you. What gaps do you see and what are your areas of concern? We can share how we are helping other organisations and point you in the right direction.

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