Journey To Cloud

Accelerating Your Journey To Cloud

You are looking for greater scalability and agility in your IT infrastructure and as such have a cloud first strategy. Your challenge is the pace at which you can accelerate your cloud journey. Legacy infrastructure, lack of expertise and available resources are just some of the things that are likely to be holding you back.

At NAK, we help our clients accelerate their journey to the cloud and, more importantly, to quickly achieve that agile environment their business needs. We do this by injecting the expertise of hybrid cloud and taking the pain out of cloud migration.

We are versed in all the cloud options available and can assist you in selecting the right path. Our heritage in managing on-premises infrastructure combined with our understanding of public and private cloud enables us to assist you in the hybrid world, taking a holistic approach to managing and optimising your environment across multiple platforms.

How We Help

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We help you assess your journey to the cloud and understand the options available and your readiness to migrate to public or private cloud environments. We help you understand what is possible and the best route to deliver your required outcomes.


Public Cloud Optimisation

We help you adopt a zero-trust network that enables you to operate a secure hybrid environment. We assist you in defining your security policies and then applying these across every part of your infrastructure.

Private Cloud Environment

We help our clients to create highly effective private cloud environments in purpose-built data centre facilities. We can help you select and create the right infrastructure and to optimise and manage this to deliver the right solution for your business.

Migrating Legacy Systems

There will always be those systems that are not cloud-ready, yet you want to take these off-premises. We help you to leverage co-location facilities to migrate these systems to purpose-built facilities as part of their journey to the cloud.

Cloud Security

We help you to secure your public and private cloud environment by leveraging a zero-trust environment and secure access management that is consistent across your holistic hybrid infrastructure.

Hybrid Environment Management

Our comprehensive managed services embrace hybrid IT environments providing you with proactive monitoring, optimisation and visibility across your on-premises, private cloud and public cloud environments.

Guiding You On Your Cloud Journey

We take a pragmatic approach to hybrid-cloud, understand the challenges of our client’s business and making possible a clearly defined roadmap.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment plots your journey to the cloud and identifies all of the incremental steps of your journey. Our deep-rooted expertise in public and private cloud environments enables us to assist you on every step of your journey, minimising disruption while expediting the achievement of your goals.

We help you embrace the hybrid IT environment and manage this virtual infrastructure to deliver the resilience, scalability and agility that is important to your business.

Let’s Talk Cloud

Whether you are starting your cloud journey or already along your journey, we are convinced we are able to add considerable value and accelerate your progress. We would love to connect you to one of our cloud specialists that can share how we are helping similar organisations and explore how we can accelerate your initiatives.

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