Securing & Connecting
The Branch Network

Securing & Connecting Remote Locations

Whether you are a retailer, a charity, operate in the hospitality sector or an enterprise with an extensive branch network, you face the challenge of securing and connecting many remote locations on your network.

You want to simplify, yet your infrastructure is getting more complex. You are looking to reduce costs, yet both connectivity charges and management overheads are spiralling out of control. Security is a priority, yet more locations and more devices connecting to your network is rapidly expanding the attack area.

As IT Infrastructure evolves and hybrid-cloud environments become more prevalent, it is time to think differently about your branch network, the technologies you deploy, and how you manage these locations.

How We Help


We enable you to apply intelligence within your branch network, selecting the best route to connect traffic to central or cloud-based systems and significantly reduce the cost of connectivity.

Secure Access Management

We can help you adopt a zero-trust approach across your network leveraging secure access management to ensure the right people get access to the right things, from the right location at the right time.

Infrastructure Modularisation

We assist you in architecting a modular IT infrastructure that enables you to standardise on technologies while having the ability to scale the components to meet the specific requirements of each location.

Centralised Management

Adopting cloud management tools to configure, monitor and manage remote infrastructure enables you to centralise your expertise, gaining greater efficiencies while at the same time providing a more effective and responsive service to your branches.

Secure Managed Network Services

We provide a range of managed services to secure, monitor and manage your distributed network proactively monitoring, optimising and aligning it to the needs of your business.


Four Critical IT Challenges To Support Hybrid Working

From our experience of helping clients to secure, scale and manage their branch network, we have produced an infographic that outlines what we believe are the four key priorities.

Our Expertise In Branch Networks

At NAK, we specialise in secure managed networks and in particular designing, deploying and managing complex branch networks.

We understand that every location may be different; you often have to move at speed to open, scale or close sites and your focus is on simplification, reducing costs and security.

We work with you to understand your business and the outcomes you are looking for. We then help you to focus on what is critical, architecting your branch network that simplifies management, secures your network and provides the agility you need. We then help you along your journey and assist you in meticulously managing your network.

Let’s Talk Branch Network

Our experience of deploying and managing branch networks extends across retail, hospitality, charities, car dealerships and commercial enterprises. Each one of our clients have unique requirements but what we deliver is the same, a network that is aligned to their needs, professionally managed and secure. We would love to speak with you about your specific challenges and explore how we can help.

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