Managed Security

Reducing Risk Through IT Security Management

Cyber security continues to be the biggest threat that organisations face. Regardless of whether you are large or small, cyber-attacks are a very real threat that are becoming ever more sophisticated and persistent in their approach.

We help you address this critical risk by providing you with a fully managed IT Security service that continually assesses risk and vulnerability, proactively monitors your environment and quickly responds to incidents to stop attacks in their tracks.

As your IT Security partner, we become part of your virtual team ensuring that security is not something you bolt onto your IT infrastructure but becomes an integral part of your environment and IT management by design.

Risk Assessment & Vulnerability Audit

What risks does your organisation face? What are the consequences of a Malware or Ransomware attack? What vulnerabilities exist in your infrastructure and how can these be addressed?

These are all questions that we are sure you constantly ask, and our role is to help you answer them.

Risk assessment & vulnerability audit - Managed Security Services

As part of our IT Security Managed Service, we take the time to understand your business and the risks and consequences of a cyber-attack. This enables you to assess your risk proportionately and to take a measured approach to taking steps to reduce risk.

By conducting comprehensive security audits and penetration testing, we are able to provide you with an understanding of your security posture and the steps that you should be taking to address vulnerabilities and mitigate risk.


Managed Security Services Risk Assessment

IT Security Policy

By understanding your business, the risks faced and the potential consequences, we are able to assist you in developing comprehensive security policies for your organisation.

The aim here is to put in place policies that are proportionate to your business risk and that do not strangle productivity or agility.

Managed Security Services - IT Security Policy

This is where our experience is key; we understand those policies that are most effective and can guide you on creating a Zero-Trust Network with the appropriate level of access management controls.

As your infrastructure continues to leverage cloud services and SaaS environments, we ensure that your polices are appropriate to all worlds and are able to be propagated and applied to your environment from core to edge.

IT Security Policy - zero trust network

Proactive IT Security Monitoring

Our SOC services enable you to leverage NAK to perform 24×7 security monitoring of your infrastructure.

By combining the security measures you have in place with our tools we are able to continually monitor your environment, identifying attacks, spotting anomalies across your environment and highlighting abnormal activity.

Proactive IT Security Monitoring

Our team is armed with the tools and intelligence to continually monitor for vulnerabilities and to detect potential attacks on your environment. These areas are immediately investigated ensuring that any issues are quickly addressed, you are alerted to verified threats and the appropriate action can be taken.

You gain the peace of mind that someone is watching over your environment around the clock and even while you sleep any potential attacks are being identified and blocked.


Monitoring security vulnerabilities

Incident Management

By continually monitoring your end-to-end IT infrastructure for security issues, we are able to respond immediately to any potential threats and attacks.

Our team have a robust and proven approach to incident management with playbooks that enable them to quickly isolate any potential threats, investigate these thoroughly and take the appropriate remedial action.

Managed Security Services - Incident Management

For you this means that more attacks are blocked before they have time to penetrate your network or business critical systems.

Should an attack be more intrusive, then we have a plan that can be immediately instigated to mitigate risk and reduce business disruption.

Managed Security Services - Mitigate risks and reduce business disruption

Why Work With NAK

We are a Next Generation Managed Service Partner that takes pride in the level of service that we provide our clients. You need to feel that your MSP is focused on your needs and is proactive in delivering you the best possible IT environment and services and this is exactly what we do.

You will find us flexible in our approach. We will take the time to understand your business, your needs and your environment and deliver a holistic and thorough managed service across your on-premises infrastructure, cloud environment and security needs.