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Reducing Risk Across Every Part of Your Business

Securing Your Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Over the past decade the shape of your IT infrastructure has likely changed considerably. Your end-users are connecting to your network utilising a plethora of devices from a multitude of different secure and unsecure locations. Your infrastructure is no longer tightly controlled in your environment but encapsulates public, private and SaaS cloud environments, some of which you have no control over.

The result is that your attack area has vastly increased while the cyber security threats you face have become far more sophisticated and persistent.

You need a partner that can help you understand, evaluate and prioritise the security risks to your business and provide the expertise and resource to help you address these.

Security Risk Assessment

You face a barrage of solutions all professing to protect your organisation from cyber threats. The challenge is understanding which are the ones that are relevant to your world and how the component parts work together to significantly reduce risk.

Through our Security Risk Assessment we help you understand the risks to your business, place these into context and truly understand the priority areas of vulnerability. This enables you to make informed decisions on your investment in cyber security solutions and to take a holistic approach to protecting your business.

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A Holistic Approach to Security

Many attacks now operate over multiple vectors and as such, siloed solutions are becoming less effective at blocking attacks and protecting your IT environment. You need to take a holistic approach and put in place thorough security policies that are consistently and effectively executed across your complete hybrid environment.

We help you embrace the principles of SASE, move towards a Zero-Trust network and evolve your IT infrastructure to being secure by design.


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Protecting Every Part of Your Hybrid Environment

SASE & Zero-Trust Network

Helping you to adopt best practice frameworks for securing the network edge and protecting your hybrid environment through deploying a zero-trust network.

Secure Access Management

Ensuring that every part of your environment is protected by contextually securing access by user, device, location and date and time, against your security policies.

Perimeter & End-Point Security

Helping you to deploy NGFW to protect your physical perimeter while ensuring end-user devices are protected from increasing cyber threats.

Web & Email Security

Addressing the increased number of phishing and malware attacks via email and malicious links by ensuring you have comprehensive and effective filtering in place.

Advanced Threat Protection

Enabling you to leverage the latest advances in AI and ML to detect, isolate and remediate attacks from end-user devices all the way through to your network and business critical systems.

SASE & Zero-Trust Network

We help you take a holistic approach to securing your hybrid IT infrastructure. As your environment becomes perimeter-less, we help you adopt a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach to protecting your world making your network secure by design, leveraging cloud-based security services and ensuring consistent enforcement of your security policies.

Core to this is for you to adopt a zero-trust approach to your network infrastructure. We help you make this fundamental shift from securing the point of entry to your network, to applying policy across your entire network and pragmatically securing access to every system, application and your data.

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Secure Access Management

You may want a user to access specific data from their corporate device during office hours, but for them to access the same data from a personal device over a public WiFi service over the weekend could pose too much risk.

By putting in place Secure Access Management you are able to define your security policies to granular detail in order to significantly reduce the risk to your business. This allows you to authenticate access not only by device, but through a series of contextual factors.

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Perimeter & End-Point Security

You are looking to ensure that your perimeter security is capable of blocking today’s sophisticated attacks and as such, should be adopting Next Generation Firewall Technology. We help you understand gaps in your existing firewall capabilities and help you to deploy physical and virtual appliances to provide a greater level of protection.

Today the ultimate edge of your network is the end-user device, and you want to ensure that you take every step to protect these. This involves fully understanding what end-user devices are connected to your network, maintaining protection software on these devices and ensuring meticulous patch management.

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Web & Email Security

Email is by far the greatest attack vector used by cyber criminals, whether this is phishing attacks or used to lure users to click on malicious links to malware. Regardless of whether your email is premise or cloud-based, putting in place effective gateways that blocks and isolates malicious emails is essential.

We help you do just that as well as putting in place web gateway security that leverages cyber intelligence to block access to malicious URLs from any device at any time.

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Advanced Threat Protection

You recognise that it is not possible to block every malicious attack on your IT infrastructure, some will get through and the focus has to be on detecting, isolating and remediating these.

By adopting Advanced Threat Protection, you can effectively monitor every part of your infrastructure to identify anomalies in behaviour to flag possible breaches. By combining this with the latest AI, ML and Deep Learning technologies you are able to quickly spot the DNA of both known and unknown Malware and instantly stop this in its tracks.

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How NAK Can Help You

You will find NAK refreshingly pragmatic when it comes to security. We understand that a balance has to be achieved between tightly restricting users and reducing business risk.

We help you understand the threats that you face, identify the areas of your IT infrastructure where the greatest vulnerabilities exist and help you develop a prioritised roadmap that delivers a measurable return on your investment in cyber security.