Creating & Optimising Your Hybrid Cloud

Accelerating You To Cloud


You are looking to drive digitalisation across your organisation and at the same time you are looking to build greater resilience, scalability and agility into your IT Infrastructure. Like many organisations you see ‘cloud’ as the answer – to move away from significant Capital Investment in servers and storage and leverage the infinite resources available as-a-service from the cloud.

Your challenge is understanding, evaluating and making smart decisions about the hybrid-cloud you create for your organisation. Both public and private cloud services present you with a plethora of options.  Migrating existing systems to these environments is daunting and you are unsure of the best practices to manage and optimise this new hybrid-cloud environment.

This is where NAK can help you. We have extensive experience in both on-premises infrastructure and hybrid-cloud environments. This perfectly positions us to guide you along every step of your cloud migration initiative and be your partner in managing and optimising your hybrid-cloud environment.

Helping You To Accelerate Cloud Adoption

You want to accelerate your adoption of cloud, but it is not always easy. You have some systems that are cloud-ready but others that are not suitable for public cloud. You need a clear roadmap that enables you to move at speed while making smart decisions that ultimately lead to your long-term desired outcome.

More and more organisations are adopting a hybrid approach to cloud and this is proving to be the right decision. Evaluating the business needs for each system and placing this in the most appropriate environment, whether that be co-lo, private cloud or public cloud environment. At NAK, we understand all of these environments and can guide you through your options.

Moving IT infrastructure to the cloud with NAK MSP

Optimising Public Cloud Services

As part of your environment, you will be leveraging public cloud services such as MS Azure. With this comes a plethora of options and understanding which services to utilise and consumption plan to select can be confusing. Managing public cloud environments can also be challenging, ensuring that as your needs change or new options become available, you are constantly optimising your environment to deliver the best service and the greatest value for money.

This is where our cloud team can help you. As a Microsoft partner we have considerable expertise in the MS Azure platform and keep up to date with new capabilities and services provided as well as the consumption plans available. We guide you on the options best aligned to your needs and work with your team to continually optimise your instance of this platform.

Public cloud services from NAK

Gaining Your Cloud Advantage With NAK

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O365 Migration

You want to migrate to MS O365 but are concerned about the disruption this will cause to the business.  We can help you take this in your stride and make the transition risk and pain free.

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Cloud Migration

You are looking to migrate applications and data to the cloud.  We can help you select the appropriate option and manage and support every step of the cloud journey.

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MS Azure Assessment

You are utilising MS Azure but are not sure if your instance is fully optimised and delivering the best possible value for money. Our experts can assess your Azure environment and guide you on what steps to take.

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MS Azure Optimisation

Navigating the Azure world can be challenging.  Our expertise in this platform enables us to optimise your environment, ensuring it is delivering the best possible service against your business needs.

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Cloud Services

Cloud is opening up a great deal of opportunities for change. We can help you to understand and adopt cloud services such as cloud back-up, cloud security services and business continuity.

Cloud Migration

You are looking to accelerate your journey to the cloud, whether that be migrating to O365, moving existing business-critical applications to cloud environments, or simply migrating existing infrastructure to a co-lo datacentre.

We have helped many of our clients to smoothly transition infrastructure to the cloud. We bring the unique advantage of experience in both on-premises and cloud environments, and it is this that enables us to de-risk cloud migration and guide you through every step of your journey. We help you understand the options available to you, clearly mapping out your migration path and injecting our technical expertise to assist along every step.

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Cloud migration with NAK MSP

MS Azure Optimisation & Management

You are leveraging MS Azure but are unsure on whether you are maximising the services available and if your environment is optimised in a way to deliver the best performance and value for money. Our MS Azure experts can help to assess your environment and guide you through selecting the right services and optimising your instance to deliver the value you require.

We can complement your team in managing your MS Azure instance with a comprehensive range of managed services designed to take the pressure off your people and apply the necessary expertise where required to maximise your investment in public cloud.

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MS Azure Optimisation & Management from NAK

Cloud Services

You are looking to leverage what is now possible with cloud to increase resilience, security, agility and business continuity. You are looking to explore and streamline cloud back-up and potentially replicated infrastructure that will reduce risk and provide business continuity. You want to explore cloud-based security applications to gain the upper hand against cyber threats, and leverage cloud tools to provide greater visibility into your IT infrastructure.

NAK can help you to understand the cloud services that are available, knowing your business needs, making you aware of what is possible and supporting you to leverage these value-add services.

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Cloud services from NAK Managed service provider UK

How NAK Can Help You

There are many IT service providers that have expertise in on-premises infrastructure or cloud environments, but few have the wealth of experience that NAK offers across both worlds. This enables us to uniquely offer considerable value to organisations that are looking to embark on their cloud journey or to accelerate progress they have already made.

We can provide you with advice, technical service and a comprehensive range of managed services that supports you in your transition and truly encapsulates your hybrid world of on-premise, private and public cloud environments.