Your IT infrastructure is constantly evolving, and so too are the ever-prevalent security threats that are becoming more sophisticated and persistent. You are likely to have concerns that current security solutions may not be as effective as they once were, or the way that your network is optimised is not aligned with how it is being used today.

The NAK Network Security Assessment provides you with the deep insight you need to truly understand the security, performance and optimisation of your current network – flagging issues that can be corrected immediately and better informing you on future infrastructure decisions.


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Network Security

Utilising intelligence on threats and vulnerabilities we are able to leverage signatures to identify application vulnerabilities and exploits on your network. We provide you with a comprehensive list of malware, botnets and spyware that we detect as well as identifying your high-risk applications and at-risk devices and hosts.

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Network Traffic

It is a challenge for IT teams to truly understand the number of web-based applications and services that are being accessed across the network and the risk to data security that these poses. We provide you with detailed insights on the services being used across your network, the end-locations being accessed, and the network bandwidth being utilised.

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Network Utilisation

In order to secure your network, you need to understand and have the visibility into the utilisation of your network over time. We provide you with detailed insights into network utilisation, you can see what bandwidth is being consumed by which end destinations. This enables you to accurately define the bandwidth required through your security applications and appliances.


As a Fortinet partner, we are able to utilise the market-leading FortiGate technology to analyse your network usage and security as well as Fortinet’s comprehensive tools to provide you with the detailed insights you require.

The process is quite simple. Once you request the NAK Nework Security Assessment, we set-up a FortiGate appliance that we provide you, to connect behind your organisation’s gateway firewall or at a branch office. We can normally collect enough data in a matter of days, however, if you have significant fluctuation of traffic over the week, then we can leave this in place for 1-2 weeks.

Once we have the traffic logs, we analyse these and produce your specific Assessment report. We schedule a time convenient to you to walk you through the findings and then provide you with the full written report.

The Value Delivered

The aim of the NAK Security Assessment is to provide you with the detailed visibility into how secure your current network is; to provide you real insight into potential issues and vulnerabilities you have and how these can be addressed and provide you with the actionable intelligence to make informed future network infrastructure and security decisions.

Let’s Talk Network Security Assessment

If you are interested in NAK performing a Network Security Assessment for you or want to discuss your specific challenges in more detail, then please reach out to us and we will connect you with one of our technical specialists.