Perimeter & End-Point Security

Protecting The Network Edge

The network edge is no longer the boundaries of your corporate LAN/WAN, it is the devices that are accessing your network, whether that be remote branches/offices, employees on the move, or staff working at home.

This means you need to take a different approach to protecting your perimeter, leveraging firewalls around each location and ensuring that you are adequately protecting each and every end-point connected to your infrastructure.

The Value of Perimeter & Endpoint Security

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First Line of Defence

To reduce risk and secure your environment needs multiple levels of defence and the first line to secure is the network edge.

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Protecting Every Location

You no longer backhaul all traffic to your central locations, as such you need the protection of firewalls at remote offices, branches and outlets.

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Visibility of Endpoints

It is critical that you have visibility into everything connected to your network from personal devices to IoT; with visibility you are able to take steps to secure.

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Protecting End-Users

With end-point security you are able to meticulously manage and automate the securing of end-point devices ensuring vulnerabilities are addressed immediately.

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Addressing The Now

The threats you face are changing on a daily, if not hourly basis, by leveraging leading perimeter protection you are able to stay ahead of the cyber criminals.

The NAK Security Assessment

The NAK Network Security Assessment provides you with the deep insight you need to truly understand the security, performance and optimisation of your current network – flagging issues that can be corrected immediately and better informing you on future infrastructure decisions.

More on our security assessment

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Next Generation Firewalls

As the threats we face have become more sophisticated and persistent, it is critical that your firewall technology is able to keep pace with these risks and are able to address these. Next Generation Firewalls are more adept at detecting today’s threats and utilising contextual-based analysis to identify and isolate anomalies that indicate potential risk.

These firewalls are not just designed to protect central infrastructure but can be applied at remote sites to protect local internet break-out and access. There are many forms available including embedded firewalls in SD-WAN gateways and virtual devices that are cloud-based.

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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security fulfils multiple roles from providing you with accurate visibility to the devices that are connecting to your network through to ensuring that you are adequately protecting your users when utilising these endpoints.

By seeing everything connected to your network, you are able to assess the security posture of each device and identify any area of potential vulnerability. Through the management capability you are able to control updates and patches applied to each endpoint and to automate the delivery to reduce burden on your IT team.

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How NAK Can Help You

NAK has a rich pedigree of providing managed services around securing the network and protecting endpoints. We understand the best practices to secure environments as well as the tools and services available to reduce risk and reduce IT management overhead.

We can help you to understand what is possible and guide you on the best route you can take to ensure that every part of your perimeter is protected and every endpoint is secure.