About NAK

Our Fundamental Aim

When we founded NAK our fundamental aim was to be a Managed Service Provider that placed our clients first. From day one we invested the time to truly understand the nuances of each client, their business, their challenges and their specific needs.

While over the years the services we offer have evolved and expanded, our fundamental principle in the way we operate remains the same. It is this approach that has enabled us to work with some fantastic clients and build long lasting partnerships in which we can make a difference.


“They shine because they are open and honest; they understand our business and our strategy.”
Our fundamental aim NAK

Our Experience & Expertise

Our experience comes from helping our clients to maximise their investment in IT infrastructure and help them to create secure, agile IT environments that better serves the needs of their business.

We see two cornerstones of an effective IT foundation. First, is to embrace all of the capabilities of the cloud to create an agile multi-cloud environment that is aligned to the needs of the business. Second, is to connect end-users to the applications and data they need to be effective and this requires a secure, accessible and reliable network that delivers the best possible user experience.

We believe in being vendor-agnostic as this enables us to select the best possible technology available to meet specific client needs. It also allows us to adopt best practice frameworks such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and help guide our clients on their journey to secure, agile IT.


“NAK has certainly become our trusted adviser. They understand what we are trying to achieve and apply their wealth of experience to truly make a difference.”
NAK Experience and Expertise

A Focus on Outcomes

Delivering value comes from not just focusing on what you want to do, but what you want to achieve. Our clients span many industry sectors from retail to charities, from construction and manufacturing to business and professional services. Whereas the technology building blocks may be the same, how we apply these to deliver the desired outcomes for each client is subtly different.

By focusing on your desired outcomes, we are able to adapt our solutions and managed services to deliver on these. For example, for a leading retail hospitality company, their goal was to be able to quickly connect new sites and simplify network management. We achieved this with an SD-WAN solution. For another client, the same technology was deployed but the goal for them was to reduce the cost of inter-site connectivity while providing them with the performance to allow them to accelerate their cloud migration.


“They are experts in their field. They’re the right size, and a pleasure to work with.”
Focus on outcomes NAK

What our clients say

How NAK Can Help You

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