Your Challenges:

How do you accelerate cloud migration?

The Need To Accelerate Cloud Adoption

You have an objective to accelerate your move to cloud, moving legacy infrastructure to more agile, cost-effective and scalable public and private cloud environments. Your challenge is how you accelerate this while you are restricted by legacy applications, lack of internal skills and a million and one other things to do.

The key is having a clear strategy in place, identifying all of the options that are available to you and working with a trusted partner that understands both the on-premise and cloud worlds.

Migrating to O365

Migrating your email service to the cloud and removing the need to manage centralised servers is often considered the first step to cloud.  O365 is far more than just email; it provides your users with an evergreen office environment and migrates collaborative workspaces such as Teams and SharePoint to the cloud.

Your challenge is ensuring a smooth transition, but there are lots of things to think about, plan and migrate when moving to O365. Our team is well versed in this cloud migration and can assist you in creating an O365 environment that is aligned to your needs and ensuring the transition is seamless.

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Embracing Public Cloud

You are likely to have aging infrastructure and some important decisions to make. Do you refresh your servers or do you utilise this as an opportunity to move to cloud?  Understanding what options are best for you with a public cloud platform such as MS Azure can be complex, and each option presents an overwhelming number of additional services.

This is where NAK can help you. As a Microsoft partner and with deep-rooted experience in MS Azure, we can help you navigate your options and guide you through creating the cloud infrastructure that best meets your needs now, while keeping all of your options open.

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Migrating Legacy Applications to Cloud

Whereas you want to migrate everything off premise and into the cloud, you probably have some applications that are not cloud ready and need to sit on legacy servers. These do not have to reside in your facility with many options available to migrate the hardware and software into a purpose-built data centre environment.

Our expertise in cloud migration enables us to guide you on what options are available either in terms of co-location data centres or private cloud facilities.

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How NAK Can Help

At NAK we have extensive experience in helping our clients to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud whether that be public services such as MS Azure or private cloud. We can guide you on what options are available and assist you with the planning and execution of your migration.

If you have a specific requirement or would like to understand what options are available to you, simply provide us with your details and we will connect you with one of our specialists.

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