Web & Email Security

Securing Web & Email Access

Email remains the number one attack vector for cyber criminals whether that be phishing attempts to obtain credentials or luring end-users into clicking malicious links. The web is also home to millions of malicious sites hosting malware and ransomware that instantly infects the browsing device and infiltrates your network.

Such risks cannot be eradicated by firewalls alone, they require specific tools that provide that extra level of protection for mailboxes and for your team when browsing.

The Value of Web & Email Security

Blocking Malicious Emails - Web & Email Security

Blocking Malicious Emails

Ensuring that those emails with malicious intent are captured and isolated before they arrive in end-user mailboxes.

Reducing spam - Web & Email Security

Reducing Spam

By identifying the sources of spam emails and blocking these at the mail server level to stop unwanted traffic across your organisation.

Blocking malicious files - Web & Email Security

Blocking Malicious Links & Files

Ensuring that all links and files attached to emails are analysed and deemed safe and friendly for user access.

web filtering - Web & Email Security

Web Filtering

Making sure that every time your users click on a link or types in a URL, the destination is validated against your policies.

DNS-Layer Security

DNS-Layer Security

A policy to confirm validation of web traffic at the DNS level to ensure that your end-users are not inadvertently directed to malicious sites.

The NAK Security Assessment

The NAK Email Security Assessment provides you with a deep understanding of the email traffic across your organisation and identifies the levels of threat this poses and the areas of vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

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Email Security

Even if you are utilising a proven email service such as O365 or Google Mail, you and your end-users still face an ever-increasing risk of being targeted by cyber criminals. Email is the most used transport vessel for malware and phishing emails are becoming far more personalised and sophisticated.

With email security you can quickly and effectively put in place that additional layer of protection which significantly reduces the potential threat from this vector. Email security validates the source, identifying malicious hosts, and examining the content to discover potential malware DNA. It safely tests each link to ensure that these are not routed to malicious sites.

Email Security - Web & Email Security

Web & DNS Security

You do not want to slow down your users from visiting websites or restrict their access as this is counter-productive, however you do need to protect them from inadvertently visiting malicious sites. It is no longer a case of just keeping a blacklist of URLs to block at your gateway as cybercriminals are great at navigating around this. You need to be one step ahead.

Web and DNS security solutions act in real-time leveraging up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to validate each web request and ensure that it is safe for your users to navigate to this destination. Furthermore, this level of protection can be applied even when your end-users are remote and leveraging direct public internet access and not going through your web gateways. Perfectly effective for the hybrid business world.

Web & DNS Security

How NAK Can Help You

NAK understand cybersecurity and also the way end-users work in a corporate environment. We can advise you on the solutions available and the policies that you should have in place to mitigate business risk.

Our team is able to implement highly effective email and web security solutions either complementing your on-premises infrastructure or residing in the cloud to protect end-users of your hybrid environment.