Wired and Wireless Networking

Managed Wired & Wireless LAN

Your people rely on your business applications and data to perform their role and deliver on the objectives of the business. Equally as important is ensuring that these systems can be accessed through a secure, reliable and optimised local area network at each of your locations.

Our range of managed services for LAN infrastructure ensures that you provide the highly responsive connectivity that your people require within each of your locations. If you are entering a refresh cycle or looking to take advantage of WiFi 6 in a wireless first environment, we can help you specify, select and deploy the solution that best aligns to your business needs. If you have concerns that your existing infrastructure is not working as it should be, we can assess this and deliver the remediation services to optimise performance. And, if everything is working well, then our LAN monitoring and managed service can ensure it continues this way.

Our Managed LAN/WLAN Services

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Network Audit

The way your LAN and VLANs are configured determines its performance and the experience delivered to your end-users. Our Network Audit assesses your current network infrastructure against business needs, identifying gaps and root causes of sub-optimal performance.

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Infrastructure Refresh

Our networking expertise combined with our technology-agnostic approach enables us to assist you in selecting the most appropriate wired or wireless networking solution to meet your business needs. We guide you through every step of deployment to reduce risk and accelerate time to value.

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Network Monitoring & Optimisation

With a Network Operations Centre (NOC) operating 24×7, we are able to proactively monitor your Network performance, identifying and rectifying issues before they become business-affecting and continually align configuration to business need and optimising performance.

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Network Management

As new elements are added to your network and business requirements change, we can assist by providing a full network managed service. We manage changes to your network to minimise business disruption, meticulously execute the necessary housekeeping and ensure optimum performance.

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Patch Management

Ensuring that every part of your network is utilising the current version of software and firmware not only ensures the best performance but is also critical to securing your network. We take care of this for you, proactively managing updates and applying them across your infrastructure.

Premises-Based Appliances

We are solution-agnostic across the major network solution vendors and as such can provide you with the most appropriate solution to align to your business need and seamlessly integrate into your existing environment.

Premises-Based Appliances

Wireless Access Points

Our expertise in deploying wireless solutions into the most challenging of environments enables us to recommend the most appropriate Wireless technology and to place and configure these to provide the best possible coverage.

Wireless Access Points

Guest WiFi & Specialised WiFi SSIDs

With many of our clients in retail and hospitality, we are adept at deploying highly available wireless solutions that are able to support Guest Services and other special use networks (SSID) that are secure and provide the best possible end-user experience.

Guest WiFi & Specialised WiFi SSIDs

How We Connect The DOTS

Today’s Local Area Networks can be complex; the blending of wired and wireless infrastructure, new technologies such as WiFi 6, SD-WA and SASE, and the requirement to connect both corporate and personal devices and in many environments support Guest WiFi and specialised SSIDs. Our expertise and experience in LAN and WLAN enable us to help you simplify the complex, ensure that you have a network infrastructure that is designed around the needs of your business and is secure, reliable and agile.


We help you to connect the DOTS through a range of services that helps you ‘Discover’ the best approach for your organisation, ‘Optimises’ your current environment, ‘Transforms’ your capabilities through the latest technologies and provides you with a comprehensive range of managed and ‘Support’ services.

Want To Discuss Your LAN/WLAN?

Whether you have issues with your current LAN/WLAN infrastructure or are considering a technology refresh in this area, it is often good to bounce around some ideas. We are more than happy to connect you to one of our specialists who can answer your questions and share some of the ways we are currently helping our clients.


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