Your Challenges:

How do you secure your hybrid infrastructure?

Addressing Increasing Cyber Security Risks

Your IT infrastructure no longer has a perimeter. You are leveraging cloud-based infrastructure, some of which you don’t own; you have more devices connecting to your network from a wide range of remote locations – the challenge of securing everything has grown exponentially.

It is no longer about securing the perimeter; you have to think about controlling access, creating a zero-trust network and ensuring that your security policies are consistently and effectively applied across every part of your physical and virtual infrastructure.

Visibility Into Cyber Security Threats

Cyber criminals are getting ever more sophisticated and persistent in their attacks. They look to exploit any vulnerability across your network whether that be email, end-user devices or ‘Things’. Understanding what is connected to your network and the vulnerabilities that exist is the first step in reducing risk.

At NAK we recommend that our clients to conduct regular Security Assessments.  These not only provide you with the visibility into what is connected to your network and the traversing traffic, it also identifies potential vulnerabilities and identifies any dormant malicious code that could be lurking.

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How Do You Protect The Perimeter-Less Network?

Whereas firewalls are important and we would recommend you have the latest Next Generation Firewall technology in place, as you utilise cloud infrastructure and have end-users connecting from their own devices across public networks, it is virtually impossible to define the new perimeter.

We are helping our clients to embrace the principles of SASE focusing on secure access management and creating a zero-trust network environment. This is a fundamental change in thinking where you assume that you cannot fully block access to your network, but you can reduce risk by trusting no one and ensuring that your network enforces strict access management in line with your policies.

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Protecting Against Malware & Ransomware

Malware and Ransomware are very real and significant threats to every organisation. It is estimated that 560,000 new malwares are released every day making it virtually impossible for traditional security vendors and organisations to keep pace with the cyber criminals.

We are helping our clients to leverage AI/ML and the latest advances in Deep Learning to put in place malware protection to detect both known and unknown malware and to block this in less than 20 milli-seconds – before it has time to execute.

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How NAK Can Help

At NAK we both understand the network and how to secure this network. We are taking our clients on a journey to apply the principles of SASE and to create a zero-trust network that consistently and effectively applies policy to reduce risk.

If you have a specific security concern or would like to discover more about how we are helping our clients to secure their hybrid environments and reduce risk, simply provide us with your details and we will connect you to one of our specialists.

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