Your Challenges

We Focus On Your Challenges

At NAK, we focus on providing solutions and services that address the challenges that our clients face and which can enable them to gain more from their investment in technology and positively impact their businesses.

We see challenges in two primary ways: those things that cause issues and are holding a company back; we call these the Pains, and those things that could be achieved with the clever use of technology to enable a new way of working; we call these the Gains.

We also see a third challenge that we look to address for our clients, and we term this the capacity gap. In some cases, there is just not enough people or time in the day, but it is also a gap in skills and experience which we help address.

Addressing Your Pains

IT Pain points come in many different forms. You may have a network that is not performing and creating user experience issues. You may be behind with your patch management and this is creating a security risk for the business, or you could be struggling to provide reliable, secure access to people working in remote locations or from home.

In many cases these pains can be resolved by addressing the root cause and optimising the configuration of your current environment or inserting new elements of technology to complement your existing infrastructure. We help by providing the expertise and tools to drill-down on your network and core infrastructure to better understand the issue and identify the underlying cause that we then help you to remediate.

Enabling IT Gains

We always see technology as an enabler, whether that be to increase workforce productivity or to differentiate your services within your chosen markets. As a business, you may be looking to create greater IT Agility to enable you to respond faster to business needs. You may be looking to digitalise certain aspects of your organisation to streamline processes, or you may be looking to change the way your people work with greater mobility to drive increased productivity.

At NAK, we start by understanding what you are trying to achieve. By then comparing where you are now to where you want to be, we are able to identify the gaps and build a roadmap to take you forward. We have helped many of our clients to generate greater agility through migrating to hybrid-cloud environments, to better connect their people with SD-WAN solutions and to enable greater virtualisation through networking that is secure by design.

Filling Your Capacity Gap

For many organisations, the challenge is that they simply do not have the IT resources to do everything they want to do. Sometimes there is simply not enough people, but more often than not, it is the lack of specific skills or experience in a particular area.

Our broad range of Managed Services is aimed at addressing this capacity gap. If your team is spending all of their time simply keeping the lights on, we can take care of that for you by enabling them to focus on ‘Gain’ initiatives. If you are about to embark on a technology transformation project and you need to bolster your skill and experience, then our professional services team bring a wealth of experience in the areas of secure networking and the cloud.

Want To Discuss Your Challenge?

We would be more than happy to chat with you about your specific challenge, share our approaches to drill down on the issues and how we have helped other organisations to address their pains, make the desired gains and tackle their capacity gap.


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