Proactive & Responsive
IT Support Services

Changing IT Experience With IT Support Services

As an IT team you are judged on the experience that you deliver to your end-users and the value that you deliver to the business. You need to be responsive to end-user issues and ensure that your environment is resilient, secure and performs well, whilst also ensuring that you continually deliver against the demands of the business.

As your IT Support partner, we extend your teams capability and help you to deliver an exceptional service to those end-users and continuous value to your business.

We help you to put in place a proactive and responsive IT support service that is loved by your end-users, delivers measurable value and is agile in responding to business needs.

IT Support Management

Effective IT Support is not just about how quickly you respond and address issues, it is about the meticulous management you have in place to maintain your environment, enable better adoption and manage end-users.

Our many years of experience of managing complex IT environments has enabled us to understand best practice and guide our clients in putting in place meticulous and highly effective IT support management.

IT Support Management

We help you define IT policy, put in place playbooks to manage incidents and the processes to log, track and escalate issues to reduce mean-time-to-resolve.

By working with NAK you are able to put in place a highly competent IT support service that delivers an exceptional experience for your end-users and greater value across your organisation.

IT Support Management Services

Fault Logging & Incident Management

From our 24×7 NOC we are able to provide a comprehensive fault logging and incident management service. Through leveraging tools that proactively monitors every aspect of your IT environment, we are able to detect faults and issues as they arise, and in many cases, resolve these before they become business-affecting or experienced by your end-users.

Incidents can also be raised by clients via telephone, email and our service portal and these are allocated a priority rating that defines the response received against service levels.

Incident Management and fault logging

All P1 and P2 incidents are allocated an incident manager who takes full responsibility for directing the team to quickly resolve the incident.

We meticulously manage every incident through our service desk application ensuring that auto escalation is applied to every priority of incident and that the team is focused on delivering resolutions comfortably within agreed service levels.

incident management, logging and responding

“Having the NAK team manage our IT helpdesk has completely
turned around end-user perception of IT.”

Stuart Gale, IT Director,  Sirius Facilities


End-User Help Desk

You may be looking for help in providing support directly to your end-users in order to free your team up to focus on value-adding initiatives. NAK has a proven track record of providing a highly effective end-user help desk service.

We take the time not only to understand your infrastructure and business-critical applications, but also how these IT services are being used by your end-users. This effectively makes our team super users with the ability to not only address incidents that your users may have, but to address the many ‘how to’ questions that get raised.

End-user help desk

Our focus is to deliver the best possible end-user experience, but to do so in a highly efficient and effective way.

We work with you to define service level and playbooks for the type of tickets that your user will raise and put in place the systems and processes to deliver an amazing service.

IT Help Desk Support

After Action Reviews

We believe that prevention is far better than cure and as such we analyse every incident to find lessons that can be learned and actions that can be taken to ensure that these does not occur again.

This is why we are focused on conducting thorough After-Action Reviews (AAR).

After Action Reviews - IT Support Services

AARs, inspired from the pharmaceutical industry, investigate both root cause and how the incident was handled.

This provides a framework to identify both corrective actions and preventative actions (CAPA) that should be implemented to both improve our future response and minimise a repeat of the same or similar incidents in future.

After Action Review framework

Why Trust NAK

NAK has a rich pedigree in providing IT Support Services and delivering responsive, SLA-driven, support within environments where connectivity, system availability and security is critical.

You will find us meticulous in our approach, defining every element of service and putting in place processes, systems and tools to enable us to deliver against your expectations and an exceptional experience to end-users.