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You may be embarking on a journey to the cloud, looking to refresh and secure your network infrastructure or just have an IT issue you need help with. Your challenge is understanding what is possible, cutting through all of the jargon and hype, and getting practical advice that you can trust.

This is where NAK can help. Our approach is not to ask you what you want, but to understand what it is you are trying to achieve. We combine Discovery workshops with specific reviews and audits to clearly define where it is you want to get to and identifying the gaps that currently exist.

You will find us pragmatic in our approach. That means we focus as much on helping you to optimise your current IT environment as we do in creating a blueprint of what is possible and developing a roadmap of how to get there.

We can help you to quickly gain that visibility into your network and security to understand how well it is performing, what vulnerabilities exist and determine the priority areas for your team.

IT Technology Refresh

Parts of your IT infrastructure may be old, some may have reached the end of their life or are definitely raising concerns about their suitability, reliability and scalability. Embarking on any technology refresh initiative can be daunting; you risk disrupting the business or worse, making the wrong decisions.

By working with NAK you gain the benefit of hindsight. We have worked on many technology refresh and strategy projects before, we know what is possible, we know the pitfalls and we have a proven approach to mitigate risk.

Technology refresh for businesses in the UK

We take the time to understand what it is you are trying to achieve. We understand what components you currently have in place, where these are working and where they are failing. We take an optimise first approach, so we won’t be convincing you to replace components that could be worked a little harder if only optimised right.

Our goal is to provide you with a full and comprehensive strategy for your technology refresh, a clear roadmap and a plan that will maximise investment and deliver the greatest value to you and your business.


Holistic approach to managed IT services

Cloud Migration

You have the intent to migrate to cloud. You may already be along this journey; the challenge is how do you accelerate this move and create a hybrid environment that is agile, resilient and secure?

It’s not just where you are going, it’s also about where you are now and how you make the migration smooth. You will have applications that can easily transition to either public or private cloud environments, but you may also have legacy applications or sensitive data that are not ready for a full migration to public cloud.

Expereince benefits of Moving technology to the Cloud with NAK

With our understanding of both the on-premises world and the hybrid cloud, we bring insights into all of the options. We not only advise you on the ultimate destination, but the options available to make transitional steps, whether that be leveraging CoLo, IaaS or full public cloud services like MS Azure.

We advise you on what is possible, what are the best options and help you plan your cloud migration in logical and calculated steps. Our mission is to get you to cloud at your desired pace and in a way that minimises disruption and maximises value.

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Public and private cloud services

Security Policy & Strategy

Like most organisations, security is likely to be one of your top priorities. You have concerns that your IT environment is not as secure as it once was, vulnerabilities exist and there is a growing risk to your business.

You’re bombarded with a plethora of solutions, all profess to significantly reduce risk, but which are the right ones and what should be your strategy for securing your IT infrastructure?

We help you to take a practical approach. Firstly, understanding the risk to your business and where vulnerabilities exist. Second is to ensure you have appropriate securities in place to address the risks across your business. If you clearly define what access people should have, what prevention and detection provisions should be in place, you are part of the way to mitigating risk.

Expereince benefits of Moving technology to the Cloud with NAK

We help you to follow best practice, define the security threats to your organisation and then have a clear roadmap to mitigate these, whether that be improved patch-management, following Cyber Essentials or adopting a SASE and Zero-Trust Network approach.


Public and private cloud services

IT Operations Planning

Your IT environment has exponentially become more complex. You have more people working remotely connecting to your infrastructure over public networks and even utilising their own devices. You are likely to be leveraging cloud and expect your team to seamlessly manage business-critical applications that span on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

At the same time traditional disparate disciplines like networking and security have converged and your team needs to understand the new secure by design, software-defined era.

The practices you had in place are no longer sufficient. You need to have in place full stack observability; you should be making more use of automation and the focus is on delivering the best possible digital experience to end-users.

Expereince benefits of Moving technology to the Cloud with NAK

As an IT & Security Managed Service provider, we understand this world. We are constantly leveraging new technology to help us monitor, optimise and manage IT environments. We blend proven IT management methodologies with state-of-the-art automation to drive performance and agility of our clients’ IT environments.

We can guide you on this changing world – what is possible, what is best practice and what tools you can leverage to optimise IT operations.


Secure access management solutions for businesses

Why Work With NAK

Experience is key when selecting an IT Strategy partner and NAK brings an abundance of this. Not only have we many years of experience of guiding our clients through the evolving world of technology, but many members of our team come from organisations like yours where they were responsible for IT Strategy and Management.

We inject both strategic thinking and technical expertise. We understand what is possible, but more importantly, how to take the logical steps to maximise each and every investment and get to where you want to go.

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