Support & Managed Services

Next Generation IT Managed Services

Your IT environment continues to converge; you have a blend of on-premises infrastructure and cloud services, and security has become an integral component from core to edge. As such, you need a Next Generation IT Managed Services provider. A partner that is equally at home with on-premises and cloud environments and has proven expertise in security.

Our aim at NAK is to provide you with a trusted and value-adding range of Managed Services that act as a seamless extension of your internal IT resource. You will find that we are flexible in the way we work, aligning to your business and the way you work while bringing along significant expertise and experience of best practice.

Our Managed Services range from supporting your network infrastructure, helping you to optimise and manage your cloud environments, and providing highly responsive and effective proactive security services.

Managed Services

You are not just looking for a provider to support elements of your infrastructure, but a partner that will help you to maximise your IT investment. You want to feel confident that the performance of your environment is continually being monitored and reviewed, and that it remains aligned to the needs of your business and is delivering to its full potential.

NAK brings extensive managed services experience and a proven approach that delivers for our clients. We operate a cadence of monthly service reviews to assess performance drilling down on the operational elements of our delivery and driving for continual improvement.

We also take a more elevated approach with a comprehensive quarterly review of your holistic environment, taking a step back and assessing the alignment of your infrastructure to the constantly changing needs of your business and end-users.

NAK Managed Services

Managed Security

Security is a very real concern for all organisations. As threats continue to increase and attacks are becoming more sophisticated and persistent, you need to feel you have a partner that is taking every step possible to reduce your risk.

We work with you to define the security policies that are appropriate to your business and the risks that it faces. Our role is then to ensure that these policies are comprehensively and consistently applied across your IT environment.

You gain the peace of mind that your environment is being continually monitored 24×7, any attacks are quickly detected, isolated and remediated and that we are taking a proactive approach to identify areas of vulnerability and address these before they can be exploited.


NAK Managed Security

Case Study: How NAK has helped Sirius Facilities transform the user experience of IT.

Sirius Facilities have grown to become one of the leading operators in corporate real estate in Germany. They now operate over 60 innovative business parks and office centres across the country. They partnered with NAK to address the issues with their IT Systems and transform both the IT function and the value it delivers for the business.


NAK helped Sirius Facilities

IT Support Services

Your IT team is overstretched; they have the pressure of providing IT support services to your end-users and the daily management of your IT infrastructure, while at the same time you are looking for them to drive forward new initiatives and projects to take IT to the next level.

This is where NAK can help you, taking on some or all of your IT support tasks freeing your team to drive forward value-adding initiatives. We are experts in IT Support and Management and have extensive experience of taking care of some of the most complex network, on-premises infrastructure and cloud environments.

From taking responsibility of your patch management through to providing an end-user helpdesk, we can work how you want us to work; taking care of the housekeeping and ensuring that your IT environment is proactively managed and when anything goes wrong, you have a highly responsive team of experts to resolve issues.


NAK IT Support Services

Our Team, Supporting Your Team

We like to think that our team can become an integral part of your team. Our approach is to understand your business and your environment as well as your people, by doing this we win your trust and deliver the level of service that you are looking for.

We combine expertise with a proven approach to delivering Managed Services. You will find us highly proactive, meticulous in managing your environment and focused on delivering the best service possible to create the most value for your business and end-users.