Azure Optimisation & Management

Maximising Your Investment in Azure

Like many organisations you have made the decision to invest in MS Azure as your public cloud platform. The challenge you face now is how you maximise this investment and manage your platform to deliver the best possible performance and value to your business.

MS Azure is a very comprehensive and capability-rich service, and as such can be complex to understand and even more complex to optimise and manage. This is where NAK can help. By leveraging our skills and accreditations in this platform, you can receive the guidance and support you need.

The Value We Add To Azure

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Services Selection

We understand and keep up to date with the full capabilities of Azure and can assist you in selecting the appropriate services to meet your requirements.

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Service Set-Up

We are experienced and have the accredited skills to set-up your Azure environment against your specific needs.

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Azure Optimisation

We have expertise in the Azure tools to understand performance and usage and can utilise these to fully optimise your instance for both cost & performance.

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Azure Expansion & Changes

Over time, the way you use Azure will have changed and so too have the services Azure offers. We can help you recalibrate and optimise your usage.

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Azure Cost Analysis

The billing of services from MS Azure can be complex and difficult to understand. We are able to explain these to you and subsequently devise methods of optimising your costs.

Creating A Hybrid, O365-Based Environment for CALA Homes

As part of their cloud migration strategy, CALA Homes turned to NAK to assist them in creating a hybrid O365-based environment.

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CALA Homes

Azure Service Selection & Set-up

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive public cloud service providing you with many options and capabilities. With our extensive experience of this platform and a team of cloud specialists that continually keep up to date with the Azure offerings, we can guide you on the services that are best aligned to your needs and that will deliver on your requirements.

We can explain what is possible, use your requirements to define the services you require from Azure, and then help you to set-up and configure your environment to support the migration of your applications and data to this platform.

Azure Service Selection & Set-up

Azure Optimisation & Management

Your business needs are constantly changing and so too are the services and capabilities offered by Azure. The key to success is constantly aligning these two factors ensuring that your service delivers the best possible value while delivering the best performance and capability to your business.

Our team leverages the tools and analytics provided by Azure to understand your usage and then optimise the service you have subscribed to. We keep you abreast of new capabilities and different options as well as taking care of the housekeeping to deliver the best possible service.

MS Azure Optimisation

How NAK Can Help You

As a Microsoft partner and accredited Azure specialist, we bring both the expertise and experience to help you maximise your investment in this public cloud platform.

If you are thinking of migrating to Azure or currently have services on this platform that you feel are not aligned to what you need, then we are more than happy to walk you through how we can help you to set-up, optimise and manage this environment.