Your Challenges:

How do you increase the resilience & performance of your network?

The Demands On Your Network Have Changed

You are likely to be on a journey to cloud which is changing the shape of your IT infrastructure, at the same time your organisation will have adopted some form of hybrid working meaning you now have to support an increased number of remote workers. You should not underestimate the impact this has had on network performance. Your network was designed to meet a set of requirements that are significantly different from today.

The result is that you have new unforeseen bottlenecks that are detrimental to performance; you are likely to have connectivity routes that are now underutilised, and your team struggles to deliver the experience demanded by your end-users.

Network Visibility

It is not just the physical shape of your infrastructure that has changed, but the demands being placed on your network. There has been an explosion in the use of video, an increased use of SaaS- based tools either known by IT or falling into the category of ‘shadow IT’, and more devices being used in more locations.

For you and your team, it is impossible to optimise and secure your network unless you have the visibility of what demands are being placed on it. We always recommend that our clients regularly conduct a Network Audit to truly understand the demands being placed on their network.

By understanding what is connected to the network, what systems and applications are being accessed across the network, and the flow of traffic across the day and across the week, a true picture can be gained of both demand and how effective your network is in meeting these demands.

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WAN & SD-WAN Optimisation

Your WAN infrastructure is likely to have been designed when everything was backhauled to a central location from where you placed your internet gateway. As more of your infrastructure has moved to the cloud and the use of SaaS has increased, is this still the most appropriate topology?

More and more organisations are turning to SD-WAN technology as a more intelligent way to route traffic at the local office, branch or outlet. Understanding the destination of remote traffic enables you to better blend your connectivity, reducing the need and cost of fixed circuits and utilising cheaper and more effective direct internet connections.

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LAN & Wireless LAN

It is not just how you connect each of your locations, it is also how you provide both wired and wireless connectivity within each location. The nature of network traffic is changing all of the time and more devices and ‘things’ are being connected to the network.

Optimising the technology you have in place is key as well as planning and managing the evolution of your network to deliver greater performance, agility and reliability. NAK recommends that our clients conduct regular wireless assessments as well as network usage audits to fully ensure that they continue to align their network to the demands of their business and end-users.

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How NAK Can Help

As specialist in networking, NAK can help you to understand the demands being placed on your current network infrastructure. We not only help you to identify any performance or resilience issues but to understand the root-cause and guide you on the steps you can take to address these.

If you have a particular concern or simply want to understand more about the different ways we can help and support you, then simply give us some details and we will connect you to one of our specialists.

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