Managed SD-WAN


The corporate network has changed. No longer do all systems reside in a central head office location but in a hybrid of private, public and SaaS cloud environments and the workforce has become far more virtual with an increasing number of staff working from home.

The result is that the traditional hub and spoke WAN has become inefficient, backhauling traffic destined for the internet over expensive MPLS circuits to central data centres and creating bottlenecks in supporting remote workers.

At NAK, we are helping our clients to re-align their WAN to today’s business needs, leveraging SD-WAN solutions to blend MPLS networks with direct internet access and delivering a more dynamic, cost-effective and secure networking environment.

The Benefits of SD-WAN

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Reduced Costs

SD-WAN allows you to break the model of backhauling all traffic to central locations over expensive point-to-point MPLS circuits. You are able to utilise lower-cost direct internet connections for traffic destined for public clouds or the internet.

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Improved Performance

SD-WAN delivers a far better end-user experience in terms of performance. The dynamic nature of SD-WAN enables the best path to be selected and optimised based on real-time performance metrics.

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Increased Security

SD-WAN gives you greater control over access management with the ability to centrally define policies regarding what applications and data each user has access to from each device.

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Enabling Move To The Cloud

As you migrate more applications to the cloud, SD-WAN supports this by enabling virtual private gateways into IaaS and PaaS environments as well as into public clouds, effectively bringing these applications closer to end-users.

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Greater Visibility

With every step of the journey being managed by SD-WAN, you gain far greater visibility into the performance of your WAN and the end-to-end delivery of IT services and applications to end-users.

SD-WAN: A Connecting The Dots Guide

Our Connecting the Dots Guide for SD-WAN outlines how the IT Landscape has changed and why this is driving organisations to re-imagine the corporate WAN. It outlines what SD-WAN delivers and the benefits that you can expect.

We also explain the options available to you and how NAK can assist you on your journey.

SD-WAN - A Connecting The Dots Guide

Managed MPLS Network

NAK own and manage a nationwide MPLS network and can provide you with a highly secure and fully managed way of connecting your core sites to your head-office or private cloud facilities. When leveraged with SD-WAN, this offers organisations the best of both worlds by blending secure point to point connectivity with direct internet access.

Managed MPLS Network

Direct Internet Access

As a networking and connectivity provider, NAK is able to define, provide and manage the appropriate direct internet access for your regional offices, branches and remote workers. We offer the full range of connectivity including Ethernet, FTTC, ADSL and 4G/5G options, all of which can be utilised with our SD-WAN solutions.

Direct Internet Access

How We Connect The Dots

When redefining your Wide Area Network there are lots of opportunities available to you, different SD-WAN solutions and a multitude of options for connecting each location. We help you to connect the dots in the right way by taking the time to review your existing environment and identifying the gaps in meeting the needs of your organisation.

From a solution perspective, we are agnostic.  We have experience of the leading SD-WAN technologies including Cisco Meraki and Fortinet and as such we are able to recommend the solution that most closely aligns to your needs.

We help you assess the value to your business of migrating to SD-WAN, architect the most appropriate solution and help you transition to your new environment taking care of both the network controlling infrastructure and the physical connectivity.

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