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Accelerating Your Cloud Migration

As an organisation you are looking to move as much of your IT infrastructure as possible to the cloud to increase flexibility, scalability and resilience. You also see the significant benefit of consuming compute, storage and applications as-a-service and breaking the continuous cycle of capital investment.

You may be at the start of your cloud adoption and as such looking to migrate certain elements such as email and end-user productivity tools to O365. You may be well on your journey and looking to migrate more business-critical applications to the cloud and maximise your use of public platforms.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, the NAK team can help you with a comprehensive range of services that assist you in migrating to cloud, optimise your cloud platforms and put in place the appropriate tools and diligence to manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

O365 Migration

You are looking to migrate to O365 but want to do so with the least disruption as possible to your business and to end-users. Having helped many of our clients to do this, the NAK team can guide and assist you through the necessary steps ensuring everything is completed right first time and you seamlessly and quickly complete the migration.

We can help you set-up your O365 instance and synchronise this with your Active Directory and set the appropriate services, permissions and security for each of your users.

O365 - Office 365 Migration

With O365 you gain access to a comprehensive range of collaboration and productivity tools. We guide you through what is available and work with you to determine which are the best set of tools to introduce and drive adoption within your end-user community.

As part of the migration process, we assist you with migrating existing mailboxes, shared folders and any MS SharePoint sites you have created in your on-premises environment.

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Migration to O365 - Office 365

Leveraging cloud technology for CALA Homes

Discover how NAK helped improve the remote working experience for CALA Homes by leveraging MS Azure Cloud


MS Azure Set-up

If you are looking to utilise MS Azure as your public cloud platform, we can help you navigate the options available to you and assist to set-up and optimise this environment for your specific needs.

You may have only limited experience of MS Azure and as you embark on provisioning your service the amount of options available can be both confusing and daunting. Having set-up many Azure environments, we can guide you through what options are available, the additional services that you can select and most importantly, the detail behind each of the consumption plans.

MS Azure Setup NAK

By leveraging our expertise, you ensure that you make the right choices and gain the best value for money.

You also gain the peace of mind that your instance is being set-up and optimised by MS Azure experts and that you gain the most appropriate environment to meet your needs now while keeping your options open for the future.


Optimising MS Azure - Microsoft Azure

MS Azure Optimisation

You are an existing user of MS Azure, you have an active service and either are looking to ensure you are making the best possible use of this, or looking to expand your usage.

It feels like new services are being added to MS Azure on a daily basis and keeping up to date with the options available is an impossible task. Our cloud team are highly trained and accredited in MS Azure and keep up to date with the different services, configuration options and consumption plans so our clients do not have to.

MS Azure Optimisation

If you have any doubt around your usage of MS Azure, our team can help. We can review your specific set-up against your specific requirements to determine if this is fully optimised to your needs.

We can ensure you are utilising the most appropriate services, the right level of security and ensure alignment on data sovereignty and resilience. We also review your consumption plan and advise you on any alternative plans or options that could reduce costs or deliver you better value for money.


Setting up MS Azure - Microsoft Azure

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Co-Lo Or Virtual DC Migration

You may be considering migrating your existing on-premises servers and storage to a co-location facility or a virtual private cloud environment within a purpose-built data centre.

This may be the first step of your journey to cloud, or it could be simply the need relocate those business-critical applications that are not cloud-ready for a public cloud environment.

Co-Lo Or Virtual DC Migration

With experience in both on-premises and cloud environments, we have assisted many of our clients to make the migration. We understand the co-lo environment and how to securely connect this into your network.

We can help you to select the appropriate facility, to decommission, move and install your servers and storage in the data centre and ensure you have the tools in place to manage this environment moving forward.

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Virtual DC Domain Controller Migration

Deploying Cloud Services

You are looking at utilising cloud services to both complement your IT infrastructure or to simplify and automate the management of your environment.

One area where we help our clients is reducing risk in terms of business continuity. We can assist you in setting-up and utilising cloud back-up services, reducing the management overhead of your team while providing better Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recover Time Objective (RTO).

Deploying Cloud Services

We are also taking this one step further with clients providing replicated virtual environments in the cloud to fail-over to for business continuity.

NAK has experience of a wide range of cloud services ranging from cloud managed networks through to virtual security appliances and cloud-based security gateways.

MS Azure Set Up by Experts NAK

Why Work With NAK

Our unique advantage is that we understand both the on-premises and cloud worlds, and this enables us to make any transition smooth.

As a Microsoft partner we are proficient in the O365 and Azure environments as well as helping our clients to leverage private cloud environments and cloud delivered networking and security solutions.

Regardless of where you are on your cloud journey, we can help you assess the cloud readiness of your applications and guide you on the options available and the best routes to take.

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