Advanced Threat Protection

Protecting Your Environment & Data

Cybercrime is a massive industry with gigantic underworld corporations leveraging huge teams of highly talented software developers finding new ways to attack businesses and harvest highly valuable information.

No business is safe – large or small – and as such the only way to reduce risk is to deploy equally as sophisticated technologies to stay one step ahead of the criminals and provide advanced threat protection to your workforce.

The Value of Advanced Threat Protection

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Blocking Malware

Leveraging AI and ML to recognise the DNA of malware and blocking this from entering your environment.

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Acting At Speed

Using advanced techniques to detect ransomware in a fraction of a second – stopping it before it has time to start encrypting your data and applications.

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Blocking Access Breach

Using advanced user profile intelligence to detect anomalies in system access and blocking these before they are exploited.

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Identifying Anomalies

Using the network as a sensor to detect unusual patterns of activity and isolating these while they are investigated and validated.

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Protecting Data

Ensuring that sensitive data is constantly monitored, and activity in breach of your policy is detected and blocked.

The NAK Security Assessment

The NAK Security Assessment enables you to fully understand the current security posture across your organisation, identifying where vulnerabilities exist and what remedial steps could be taken to reduce business risk from advanced threats.

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Advanced Malware Protection

NAK partner with the leading vendors in ATP and AMP including Fortinet, Cisco, Microsoft and Deep Instinct. All of these organisations offer sophisticated solutions that leverage AI, ML and Deep Learning to provide advanced malware and ransomware protection.

Rather than rely on lists of known malwares, these advanced solutions are able to detect malware based on their DNA providing the capability to detect unknown, as well as known malicious code and provide a far greater level of protection.

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Context-Based Protection

Advanced Threat Protection utilises context to detect and identify attacks based on their behaviour. By utilising your network as a sensor, it is able to build up a pattern of normal behaviour so that whenever activity is breaking this norm, it can be isolated and analysed.

For example, it may be perfectly normal for a particular user to access information from the office during business hours, however, if they suddenly requested to access information from a remote overseas location during a weekend, this would be flagged as abnormal and blocked until it could be validated.

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How NAK Can Help You

NAK’s expertise in both networking and security, perfectly positions us to help you deploy advanced threat protection to significantly reduce your business risk. We can help you assess your current security posture and the existing protection you have in place and guide you on how you can leverage the latest tools and technology to further protect your business.

Our team will be more than happy to discuss what options are available and share how we have helped similar organisations to take their cyber security to the next level.