Supporting You Through Your
Technology Refresh Programme

IT Transition Services

We help you to take your IT environment to a place that better serves your business. Whether that be re-aligning your Networking and WAN infrastructure, re-imagining how you think about security or transitioning applications and data to the cloud.

Your challenge is to ensure your IT infrastructure is aligned to the needs and aspirations of the business, to be responsive to end-users’ needs and to create agility that has become ever-increasingly vital to every organisation.

We help you by injecting relevant expertise and experience to support you through your technology refresh and transition programmes. We can help you make the right choices, meticulously plan your transition and then inject the relevant technical expertise to execute.

WAN & SD-WAN Deployments

With more local traffic destined to cloud or internet-based locations, you have likely reached the point where your WAN topology is no longer best aligned to business need.

You are probably utilising expensive fixed circuits, backhauling all traffic to a central location and constantly face challenges in terms of performance, resilience and even security.

We help you take a pragmatic approach utilising our Secure SD-WAN Assessment service to fully understand the demands being placed on your infrastructure.

WAN and SD-WAN Deployments

Our team can help you evaluate where you are and what are the best options for you – whether than be to simply optimise your existing WAN infrastructure, migrate you to SD-WAN-ready technology or to take the full step to an SD-WAN solution.

We take the complexity and disruption out of migrating your WAN to new technology. Our expertise and experience allow us to create a smooth transition plan and then support you to roll out the right solution in a structured way to each location.

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NAK WAN and SD-Wan deployment

LAN/WLAN Refresh

Where you are opening a new location, looking to review your existing LAN/WLAN in respect to changes to working practices, or simply need to replace end-of-life infrastructure, we can help make this transition smooth.

With extensive experience in secure networking, we are able to assess any existing infrastructure and fully identify where this is failing to align to business need.

LAN/WLAN Refresh

Working with and having experience of the leading network vendors, we are able to help you select the most appropriate solution and plan, manage and execute the refresh project.

You gain the benefit of a highly trained and experienced team who can help you with network design, wireless surveys and AP placement, equipment staging, installation and configuration.


Network infrastructure configuration for LAN AND WLAN Refresh projects

Cyber Security

Like all businesses you face increasing risk from cyber attacks that are becoming ever more sophisticated and persistent.

We help you to understand and quantify the risks you face through our Security & Network Visibility Assessment enabling you to make better informed decisions on what steps you should take.

Cyber security - Zero trust network

We help you to understand some of the key principles in securing your environment including SASE and building a Zero-Trust Network. This enables us not just to guide you on each individual component but holistically on how these components work together to create and IT environment that is secure by design.

Our team is able to assist you in developing your Security policy and to ensure that this is consistently and effectively applied across your infrastructure providing the technical expertise to deploy Next Generation Firewalls, Secure Access Management, Web & Email Security, Advanced Malware Protection and to take advantage of a wide range of cloud-based security services.


NAK Cyber Security Services

Programme Management

You may be embarking on a series of initiatives either as part of digital transformation or a wider technology refresh programme. Managing such change where it covers multiple inter-dependent initiatives can be challenging especially if it spans multiple internal functions and external suppliers.

NAK can assist you in bringing a wealth of experience of project management and managing comprehensive change programmes.

NAK Programme Management

You gain the benefits of experienced Programme and Project Managers who will instil a proven methodology and professional governance to your initiatives.

Whether you are looking for help on a specific project or someone to oversee an end-to-end change programme, NAK combines that understanding of your technology landscape with highly experienced project management skills.


Technology project management

Why Work With NAK

The unique value you gain from turning to NAK for your technology refresh and transformation is a partner that understands the critical components of networking, security and cloud.

This enables us to assist you on the converging world of IT where your network needs to be secure by design, and your infrastructure is likely to be hybrid across on-premises, public and private cloud.

By taking the time to understand your specific environment and requirements, our team is able to add value from design and planning, through to implementation, configuration and ongoing support.

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