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Optimising Your Cloud With Blue-Sky Thinking

The cloud has opened up a whole range of services that make capabilities, which were once uneconomical to put in place on-premises, highly affordable as a subscription service. For example, replicating server infrastructure for business continuity was far too costly – this is now very feasible with the ability to spin-up virtual environments in the cloud. 

NAK’s experience of managed services and on-premises infrastructure, combined with our cloud expertise enables us to guide you on what is possible and help you utilise cloud-based services that can increase business agility, security and continuity.

Just Some of the Cloud Services Available

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Cloud Backup 

The ability to automate off-site back-ups to a cloud facility and ensuring that replicated data is quickly and easily accessible. 

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Cloud Managed Networks 

The leading networking infrastructure now provides a capability for this to be cloud managed, enabling all set-up, configuration and management to be performed remotely. 

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Business Continuity 

The capability of replicating virtual machines in a low-cost cloud environment ready as a fail-over solution to ensure business continuity and speedy disaster recovery. 

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Cloud Security 

Many traditional cybersecurity solutions such as firewalls, email security, web gateways, etc. are now available as cloud-based services rather than on-premises appliances. 

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Cloud Storage 

The ability to migrate away from on-premises storage and use storage-as-a-service within a cloud environment. Better for your business and the planet. 

Creating A Hybrid, O365-Based Environment for CALA Homes

As part of their cloud migration strategy, CALA Homes turned to NAK to assist them in creating a hybrid O365-based environment.


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Backup & Business Continuity

The cloud is enabling organisations to reduce risk and ensure business continuity with a cost-effective way to replicate data and business-critical systems, rapidly. This can range from simply automating your off-site back-ups in a cloud environment through to having standby systems ready to go if on-site systems are not available.

With our experience of replicating environments across cloud platforms to ensure resilience and business continuity, we are able to advise you as to what is possible and the most cost-effective routes to take in line with your business needs.

Cloud Services - Backup & Business Continuity

Cloud Managed Networks & Security 

 As you look to modernise your infrastructure or put in place additional security measures, there are many cloud-based and managed solutions available. All of these reduce the investment you have to make in hardware, while also providing you with centralised management and lower management overheads. 

 We can help you to deploy cloud managed networks or to overlay cloud-based network management tools. We can assist you to review your current security posture and select the appropriate cloud-based security applications, providing more effective protection without the need to install and manage on-site appliances. 

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How NAK Can Help You

There are many IT service providers that have expertise in on-premises infrastructure or cloud environments, but few have the wealth of experience that NAK offers across both worlds. This enables us to uniquely offer considerable value to organisations that are looking to embark on their cloud journey or to accelerate progress they have already made.

We can provide you with advice, technical service and a comprehensive range of managed services that supports you in your transition and truly encapsulates your hybrid world of on-premise, private and public cloud environments.