SASE & Zero-Trust Network

Creating The Secure Networking

The shape of the IT landscape has changed significantly over recent years.  Adoption of cloud means environments extend beyond infrastructure that you own and the increase in mobile access and the virtualisation of the workforce is extending the boundaries of your network.

This is redefining how you secure this new perimeter-less environment with an emphasis on not just protecting the office, branch and data centre, but making security an integral part of our local and wide area network.

At NAK, we are embracing the principles of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to help our clients manage the new digital network edge and to make security an integral part of their network by taking a zero-trust approach.

The Value of SASE and Zero-Trust

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Consistent Policy

The ability to create a single security policy across your organisation and then to ensure that this is consistently applied across every part of your infrastructure, core to edge.

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Enabling Agility

The ability to extend infrastructure, accelerate cloud adoption and be able to feel confident that your security provision will scale to protect this.

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Contextual Security

Fundamentally changing how you secure every part of your infrastructure, enforcing policy based on who, when, where and what they are trying to access.

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Secure by Design

Moving away from security being an overlay technology and ensuring that each element of your infrastructure works together, creating an environment secure by design.

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Greater Visibility

By leveraging the network as a sensor and joining the dots to create end-to-end visibility of your security posture and understanding of vulnerabilities.

The Role of SASE in our Digital Era

To operate in the Digital Era requires a fundamental change in the IT landscape. We need to create environments that are agile and will enable our business to change and adapt at speed.

This Best Practice Guide explores the opportunities that SASE opens up for businesses and the steps to take to ensure your organisation is well-placed to make the most of those opportunities.


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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

At the heart of our approach is SASE, the framework that has emerged to converge networking and security services into a unified, cloud-managed solution. SASE combines the Networking elements of (SD-WAN, VPNs, and QoS) with the security elements of (NGFW, ZTNA, CASB, DNS, Threat Prevention, Secure Web Gateways and DLP) to support the secure connectivity of your end-users in any location accessing the applications and data they require in the new multi-cloud world.

Our expertise in both networking and security ideally places us to guide you on your journey to create a network that is secure by design – taking the incremental steps to deploy the technologies to protect the perimeter-less environment, leverage the network as a sensor and to control and protect access.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Zero-Trust Network (ZTN)

Traditionally the network has worked as a simple gateway to the corporate environment. You are challenged at your point of entry and if you pass authentication you are permitted to traverse the network at will. Today this is not sufficient; not only does identity theft pose a significant risk, but also the context of the service being requested is also key to enforce your security policies.

The Zero-Trust Network (ZTN) does exactly what it says, it trusts no one. Every request to access resources, applications or data is challenged to determine whether that user, utilising that device from their current location is permitted access and only if all of the boxes are ticked are they granted access. The ZTN approach is not difficult to deploy and can significantly reduce business risk.

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How NAK Can Help You

As specialists in networking and security, both SASE and ZTN are core areas of expertise for us. Both of these principles are an approach, not a specific product and we can help you understand the steps you can take to follow these best practices.

We can help you to assess your current environment and help you build a roadmap to consistently apply your security policy across your infrastructure and embrace the components of SASE and reduce risk through ZTN.

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