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Creating An Agile IT Environment

Like most organisations you are looking to embrace digitalisation, to create an IT environment that is dynamic with the inbuilt capability to adapt at speed to meet the changing needs of both your business and your customers.

At NAK we see cloud and secure networking as the fundamental cornerstones to creating an Agile IT Environment. You need to embrace the cloud, blending public and private services to deliver the resilience, scale and elasticity you need. You then need to have a flexible, yet robust way to enable your end-users and customers to access this hybrid cloud environment through a network that is secure by design.

We combine deep rooted expertise in the cloud and secure networking to help our clients to navigate digitalisation and create an Agile IT Environment.

Embracing SASE

The move to cloud, greater mobility and continual drive for comprehensive security is changing the way we think about IT architecture. The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach has emerged as the way to converge networking and security services into one unified, cloud-managed solution and this is an approach that we are embracing at NAK.

Our SASE framework takes a pragmatic approach, enabling our clients to address the specific challenges they face now, such as the need to refresh their WAN or migrate services to public cloud, but to do so within a framework that evolves them towards a SASE-based environment.



Secure Networking

Our goal is to help you provide the accessibility your end-users need to the critical business applications and data you provide them, but to do so in a highly secure way.

We do this by enabling you to gain all of the benefits of SD-WAN to connect your offices, branches and remote workers. We help you to protect your ever-evolving IT perimeter through next generation firewalls and secure web gateways and to adopt policy-based access management solutions to control who can access your systems, from which locations utilising which devices.


Networking solutions from NAK UK


We help you to embrace the cloud and create the hybrid environment that best aligns to the needs of your business both now and in the future.

We do this through a comprehensive range of managed services that assist you in migrating to and optimising public cloud environments, creating your own private cloud within our secure data centre and seamlessly connecting and managing your cloud environments with your IT infrastructure that remains on your premises.


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Cyber Security

Navigating the complex landscape of modern IT infrastructure and cybersecurity can be daunting. With an increasingly diverse network of devices, locations, and environments, the risk of cyber threats has exponentially grown.

Our comprehensive services offer a security risk assessment to understand and prioritize your business’s vulnerabilities. With our help, you can adopt a holistic approach to cybersecurity, embracing SASE principles and the Zero-Trust network model.


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