Microsoft Azure: Financial Operations Review

Microsoft Azure is an expensive way to host your workloads… isn’t it?

For many businesses, migrating services to Azure makes lots of practical sense, but when workloads are just ‘lifted and shifted’ from on premise to cloud the ongoing cost often exceeds both budgets and expectations.

Typically, companies start using Azure services without a thorough understanding of cost management. As a result, their Azure usage tends to expand organically, often leading to underutilised resources and inflated bills. The NAK Azure FinOps Review addresses this issue by providing a structured approach to analyse and optimise Azure spending.

This service plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every pound spent on Azure is an investment towards operational growth and not a needless expense. By embracing the NAK Azure FinOps Review, organisations can navigate their Azure journey not only with technological efficiency but also with financial prudence.


The Azure FinOps Review conducted by NAK helps to:

  • Reduce Azure operating costs.
  • Make monthly Azure spend more predictable.
  • Free up internal resource from time-consuming financial analysis.



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How Your Azure FinOps Review Works:

  • Assesses daily, monthly, and quarterly cost trends.
  • Identifies reasons for sudden increases or decreases in spend.
  • Highlights opportunities to right-size the Azure resources you use.
  • Considers Reserved Instances, Reservations and Azure Savings Plans.
  • Explores pathway to further Microsoft discounts and funding.



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Arranging Your Azure FinOps Review

No up-front investment is required for NAK to conduct your Azure FinOps Review, as the service is provided on a “no savings made, no fee paid” basis.

Once NAK have provided you with our findings and recommendations, we charge 25% of the actual savings for the three months following your implementation of our suggestions.

As an example:

  • NAK identity cost-saving measures to reduce your Azure spend by approximately £2000 per month.
  • You realise the following cost savings (on a like for like basis) after applying our recommendations:
    • Month 1 – £2150
    • Month 2 – £2050
    • Month 3 – £2100
  • NAK invoice you for 25% of the aggregate saving over the three-month period, which is £1575.

Get in touch today and we’ll book in your “no savings, no fee” Azure FinOps Review.


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Further Information

To learn more about the NAK Azure FinOps Review , download the service data sheet


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As a next generation professional and managed service provider, NAK brings the benefits of an agile and flexible business model, staffed by industry professionals bringing years of service provider experience.

As a company, we have always believed in understanding first, acting second. Our assessment services enable you to do just that, gain deep visibility into your current environment, learning where your existing solutions are falling short and then being able to make informed decisions.

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