Microsoft azure financial operations review

Are you happy with your ever-increasing Microsoft Azure bill?

Or do you want to shrink your monthly cloud consumption costs and get better value for money?

NAK can increase your return on investment by assessing your cloud expenditure and recommending cost-saving measures.

In our Azure Financial Operations (FinOps) Review, you’ll see how to :

  • Reduce your Azure operating costs
  • Make your monthly Azure spend more predictable
  • Free up your team from time-consuming financial analysis

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How Can an Azure FinOps Review Help?

If not carefully monitored and governed, your costs can rapidly escalate if you expand your cloud presence, such as when migrating applications or services from co-located data centres into Microsoft Azure.

Performing an Azure FinOps Review brings immediate benefits that reduce your monthly Azure bill:

Reduced Costs

Realistic Budgets


Some Azure cost control problems
crop up time and time again:

Sudden changes:

Wild swings in daily, weekly, or monthly costs make it tricky to present a credible view of Azure costs to your key stakeholders.

Understanding, then constraining, the factors driving fluctuating costs is a crucial FinOps discipline.

Difficulty Budgeting:

Producing realistic future budgets can feel impossible when your Azure costs are unpredictable, particularly when planning to use a new cloud service or capability.

Pragmatic and sensible cost projections, governed by Azure budget controls, are essential for maximising your cloud investment.


Turning on or using native Azure services with default settings can quickly add up to a hefty bill.

Correctly configuring Azure Monitor and Application Insights is just one way to avoid unnecessary spending at scale in the cloud.

What Happens in an NAK Azure FinOps Review?

We examine your accrued costs over the last three months using various tools (including Azure’s Cost Management and Analysis capabilities).

Focusing on significant or unnecessary spending areas, we identify actionable ways to control your costs.

We Investigate and Remediate Your Azure Financial Operations

Sudden Cost Changes

Sudden Cost Changes

As a priority, we identify the reasons behind fluctuating costs, often the periodic or unexpected use of a new Azure resource or service.

Working closely with your team, we’ll also identify pragmatic ways to use the Azure resources you need without incurring a large bill.



Looking through the lens of cost management, our Azure FinOps consultants explore your use of Azure capabilities such as Log Analytics, Application Insights and Azure Monitor to check for misconfigurations.



Using recent cost trends, we’ll identify any opportunities to scale down your Azure resources.

Right-sizing virtual machines is one of the easiest ways to trim your cloud costs quickly.

Azure Reservations

Azure Reservations

Committing to Azure Reservations, including Virtual Machine Reservations, should only happen after careful analysis and consideration.

Our team will offer sensible suggestions for using Azure Reservations to maximum effect.

Piggy Bank

Azure Savings Plans

Leveraging Azure Savings Plans is a new way to constrain costs when Azure Reservations aren’t practical.

Balancing with any suggested Azure Reservations, we’ll propose a suitable mix that maximises savings while minimising commitment.

Presenting Our Findings

When your Azure FinOps Review is complete, we’ll share our findings with you in an interactive workshop, clearly explaining the issues we’ve found and how to resolve them.

While we don’t produce a written report, the presentation summarising our recommendations will be readily available and distributed to you.

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