Secure Networking

Protecting Your Network In A Perimeter-Less Environment

Creating Your Secure Network

Your network connects users across the organisation to the business applications and data they need to be effective. It connects your various offices and branches together; it provides access to remote workers and it also extends your IT environment into a multitude of clouds.

The traditional corporate network topology has significantly changed over the past decade and continues to do so. At NAK, we are helping organisations to align their network to the needs of their business, but more importantly, to create the secure network environment.

We can help you extend your network to support the demands of an increasingly virtualised workforce. We can guide you in leveraging the technologies available to secure every aspect of your perimeter-less network and to embrace the principles and best practices of SASE to secure this network.

Embracing A SASE Approach

It is virtually impossible to define your network perimeter as your infrastructure extends to remote end-user devices and cloud environments. This is why more organisations are embracing a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach. This framework converges the traditional siloed worlds of networking and security to create a network that is secure by design.

SASE is not a product – it is an approach, and at NAK we help you understand this framework to start your journey to creating a zero-trust network that is smart, adaptable and consistently applies your security policies from edge to core.

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Understanding Network Performance

The demands on your network have changed significantly and continue to do so. The topology of your WAN is unlikely to take into consideration the increased volume of traffic destined for the web, SaaS applications or cloud infrastructure. Similarly, your LAN is seeing an increase in Wireless traffic and the use of video.

By performing detailed analysis of your network, we are able to provide you with the insights you need to understand the demands being placed across every element and the experience it is delivering to your end users.


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Understanding network performance issues

Maximise Network Performance & Security With NAK

Managed SD-WAN

Enabling you to intelligently and cost-effectively connect every part of your business leveraging a software-defined WAN solution fully monitored, optimised and managed by NAK.

Corporate LAN

Helping you put in place a corporate network that is secure by design, is resilient, and responsive to the demands of your business and your end-users.

Wireless LAN

Ensuring that your wireless network is delivering the experience demanded by your end-users and guests, delivering the coverage and capacity required.

Secure Network Assessment

Providing you with the needed insight to understand the demands on your network and see where gaps and vulnerabilities exist that need addressing.

Managed Network Services

Giving you the peace of mind that your network is being monitored 24×7 and continually optimised to provide the best possible resilience and performance for your business.

Managed SD-WAN

You need your regional offices, branches, outlets and remote workers to be seamlessly connected to the systems and applications they use regularly. Your business depends on the resilience of your WAN and its ability to be responsive to demand.

We help you put in place a network that meets your current needs while providing the agility to be able to respond to the future and the unexpected. We help you understand the demands on your network and then optimise your current solution or where necessary, refresh components to deliver a secure and resilient infrastructure from core to edge.

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Corporate LAN

We help you ensure that your core corporate LAN is delivering the performance, resilience and end-user experience that is required. We start by understanding the demands being placed on your network and the potential security vulnerabilities that exist.

We help you optimise existing infrastructure and to replace those components that have reached end-of-life. Our aim is to provide you with a LAN solution that is secure by design, delivers you the observability you require and simplifies management.

Corporate LAN Image of network cables

Wireless LAN

With more traffic traversing your wireless network and the need to provide access to both employees and guests, it is vital that this infrastructure is performing. We help you to assess your current wireless environment and identify where issues in coverage, performance, resilience and security exists.

We then help you to optimise for performance and where necessary, refresh components to deliver the solution that your business needs and your end-users expect.

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How NAK Can Help You

By working with NAK you gain the unique advantage of a partner that has expertise and considerable expertise across both networking and security, and more importantly, how these two areas are converging.

We help you to maximise the infrastructure you have in place today while enabling you to take better informed decisions on your technology roadmap. We can help you embrace SASE and create a network that is not only agile to continually changing demands, but that is secure by design.