Creating The Secure Network

Your network connects users across the organisation to the business applications and data they need to be effective. It connects your various offices and branches together; it provides access to remote workers and it also extends your IT environment into a multitude of clouds.

The traditional corporate network topology has significantly changed over the past decade and continues to do so. At NAK, we are helping organisations to align their network to the needs of their business, but more importantly, to create the secure network environment.

We can help you to extend your network to support the demands of an increasingly virtualised workforce. We can guide you in leveraging the technologies available to secure every aspect of your perimeter-less network and to embrace the principles and best practices of SASE to secure this network.


With an increasing proportion of the network traffic from your regional offices and branches destined for clouds or the internet, the traditional WAN topology is outdated. Backhauling all traffic to a central location is neither cost effective nor provides the best end-user experience.

At NAK, we help you adopt an intelligent Wide Area Network that embraces SD-WAN solutions to increase efficiency, improve performance, address security risk and provide you with greater visibility.
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Managed LAN/WLAN

It is critical that your people have the access to the applications and data they need to be effective. This access has to be reliable, deliver the performance required and be secure.

At NAK, we ensure that your wired and wireless LAN environment is capable of delivering on the needs of your business as part of an integrated security framework. We help you to fully optimise what you have in place, to identify gaps in the technologies you are using and to manage and evolve your network environment to ensure business objectives are met in a safe and secure way.

Managed Secure Network

The way we need to secure our IT network has changed. An increase in remote access and a perimeter-less environment that embraces cloud means it is no longer just about securing the data centre, head office and branches, but every aspect of the end-to-end application path.

At NAK, we embrace the principles of SASE to guide you in adopting best practices and technologies to secure your network. Our Managed Network Security solutions provides NGFW, Secure Access Management, Web Gateways and a comprehensive range of Security and Vulnerability Management services to ensure your business can operate safely and securely.

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