azure solution deployment

Do you need to deploy your new Azure Solution quickly and accurately?

NAK’s Azure Solution Deployment service rolls your solution out predictably and stably.

When NAK deploys your Azure Solution :

  • You save time and free up your team for other priorities.
  • End-to-end deployment is de-risked through the incremental handover of infrastructure to you.
  • We minimise your costs by enabling only the Azure capabilities you require.

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The NAK Approach to Azure Solution Deployment

Working from a Low-Level Design, we can deploy your solution in a variety of different ways.

Many of our clients preferĀ infrastructure-as-Code with Bicep, a method that ensures consistency and repeatability, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your deployment.

Collaborating with an expert partner for your Azure Solution Deployment provides access to many benefits.

Time Saved

Risks Minimised

Reduced Costs

You need to sidestep these common
Azure Solution Deployment problems:

Extended Timelines:

Unfamiliarity with Azure and its capabilities frequently leads to ballooning solution deployment timelines.

Azure Solution Deployment by Microsoft-certified Azure consultants assures your overall timeline.

Risky Deployment:

A “big bang” approach to deploying your solution considerably increases risk.

An incremental Azure Solution Deployment, where key components and infrastructure are delivered in isolated phases, minimises risk and increases predictability.

Large Azure Bills:

A common anti-pattern is deploying solutions with all possible Azure features enabled.

While great for Microsoft’s revenues, using expensive capabilities you don’t require will result in a hefty Azure bill.

How NAK Runs Your Azure Solution Deployment

If you don’t already have a Low-Level Design for your solution, we’ll work together on producing this and achieving sign-off.

Breaking deliverables down into key features, the roadmap for your Azure Solution Deployment will see regular incremental deployment where infrastructure is handed over to you once tested by NAK.

Predictable and Reliable Deployment of Azure Solutions

Low-Level Design

Low-Level Design

Where you require a Low-Level Design, a series of Design Workshops will facilitate the preparation of the relevant artefacts.

You’ll have ample opportunity to review the design and provide feedback as we work towards sign-off.

Test Plans

Test Plans

Accompanying the Low-Level Design, a series of Test Plans detail how your deployed infrastructure will be validated before it’s handed over to you.

Incremental Deployment

Incremental Deployment

Once we’ve deployed and validated a given set of Azure infrastructure, we’ll hand it over to you for acceptance testing and integration into the rest of your IT estate.

Such progressive, incremental deployment helps you realise benefits and value at the earliest opportunity.

Warranty Period

Warranty Period

All Azure infrastructure we deploy is covered by a Warranty Period from NAK.

During this time, we’ll correct any errors or defects with our deployment at no further cost to you.

Taking the Hassle out of Azure Solution Deployment

Our experience with Azure and our tried-and-tested infrastructure deployment processes means we take the hassle of deploying your solution away from you.

With the rising popularity of Infrastructure-as-Code, our team are proponents of leveraging automation when relevant and appropriate.

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