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Are you planning to implement a new solution in Microsoft Azure and want to maximise your investment?

Our Azure Solution Design service helps you formulate a modern, standards-based solution that doesn’t cost the earth.

Asking NAK to design your Azure Solution :

  • Minimises reputational and legal risks from security issues
  • Controls and constrains your Azure costs
  • Improves user experience and satisfaction

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NAK’s Approach to Azure Solution Design

After thoroughly discovering and understanding your functional and non-functional requirements, we design Azure Solutions that align with the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework.

As a well-respected industry standard, solutions aligned with the Azure Well-Architected Framework enjoy several benefits.

Reduced Security Risks

Constrained Costs

Improved Reliability

Make sure you avoid these problems
with your Azure Solution Design:

Security Holes:

Designing for the public cloud is similar yet different from defining a solution hosted in a co-located data centre.

Security controls must be carefully considered at each step to avoid accidentally or unknowingly creating a security hole in your Azure Solution Design.

Large Azure Bills:

Misusing Azure resources or services – or using them with default settings – can quickly create a hefty Azure bill.

Aligning your solution with the Cost Optimisation Pillar of the Well-Architected Framework is critical to constraining your monthly Azure spend.


Azure provides many ways to achieve resilience and high availability cost-effectively.

Selecting suitable options in your Azure Solution Design is the key to achieving high availability without breaking the bank.

What Does NAK’s Azure Solution Design Look Like?

Uncovering your requirements in design workshops, our designs align with the Azure Well-Architected Framework and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

You’ll have ample opportunities to review your Azure Solution Design and provide feedback as we work towards achieving sign-off.

Secure, Cost-Effective and Reliable Azure Solutions

Design Workshops

Design Workshops

Focusing on the Five Pillars of the Azure Well-Architected Framework, we explore and record your requirements in a series of Design Workshops.

Working with your team to gather a wide range of perspectives is critical for the end-to-end design process.

Standards Alignment

Standards Alignment

Your Azure Solution Design will align with the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework.

Where applicable and relevant, your design will also align with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Low-Level Design

Low-Level Design

Optionally, we will create a Low-Level Design describing in detail how to implement your Azure Solution Design.

Should you require a Low-Level Design, we can deliver this as an Infrastructure-as-Code model or a written form.



We’ll ensure you have numerous opportunities to review your Azure Solution Design and provide feedback.

Once we’ve incorporated all your feedback in the design, we’ll ask for your final review and sign-off.

Effective Designs Make Easy Deployments

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Simple, practical designs are easier to deploy than overly complicated ones, ultimately shortening the timeline for launching your new service.

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