Managed patching service

Is un-patched software, operating systems or infrastructure punching a hole in your security defences?

Regular and rigorous patching practices are essential in preventing cyberattacks, data breaches, and the inevitable reputational damage.

With NAK, you can fortify your security controls and safeguard your critical IT infrastructure, services, and data from potential attacks.

The NAK Managed Patching Service :

  • Frees up your team from time-consuming patching activities
  • Delivers updates and patches on a predictable schedule, including Out of Hours
  • Reduces security risks from legacy infrastructure through access to Extended Security Updates for Windows and SQL Server

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Why Robust Patching Is an Essential Security Control

A recent study led by Microsoft discovered that effective software patching would have prevented more than eighty per cent of successful cyberattacks.

Regular patching yields numerous benefits for your organisation, including:

Improved Security

Cyber Essentials Compliance

Regulatory Alignment

Software patching is complex and
creates many problems:

Lost time:

Patching – especially manual patching – consumes a lot of time.

Running in-house patch cycles, which often require Out of Hours activities, drains your team and prevents them from contributing to your strategic goals.

Difficult tools:

Full patching coverage across your technology estate may require using several tools for servers, desktop PCs, and smartphones.

Not all patching tools are created equal; some require deep familiarity to obtain the best results.

Patch Testing:

Your operating model may require or suggest thorough testing of all patches before rolling them out.

Working against tight timelines, such as for Cyber Essentials Plus, creates additional time pressure for your team and drains effort away from other vital activities.

How NAK’s Managed Patching Service Works

We patch as much – or as little – of your technology estate as required.

Supporting servers (both physical and virtual), End User Compute (EUC) devices – including smartphones – and network devices, we manage and run your patching cycles.

We Patchso You Don’t Need To



The NAK Managed Patching Service covers physical and virtual servers on-premises, in data centres, and running in Microsoft Azure.

We support all Windows Server operating systems from Windows Server 2016 upwards and a wide range of Linux distributions.

EUC Devices

EUC Devices

A wide variety of End User Compute devices are covered, from Windows 10 and above, through to macOS 12 and later versions.

Smartphones running iOS 15+ or Android 8+ are also supported.

Network Devices

Network Devices

Your network devices – such as routers, switches and firewalls – can be patched with the NAK Managed Patching Service.

We’ll typically update your network infrastructure using vendor tooling, although we may occasionally rely on other automated approaches.

Patch Testing

Patch Testing

As an optional extension to the base service, we offer Patch Testing for all or some of the patches you need to apply across your estate.

As a longstanding Managed Service Provider (MSP), we can advise on device imaging to facilitate Patch Testing and related activities.

Extended Security Updates

Extended Security Updates

Using Azure Arc (for servers outside Azure) and Azure Update Manager, we support Extended Security Updates (ESUs) from Microsoft.

ESUs are currently available for Windows Server 2012/R2, SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014.

Patch Tuesday and Zero Day Vulnerabilities

As standard, we’ll operate your patching cycle to align with Patch Tuesday and deploy updates promptly.

Zero Day Vulnerability patching can also be supported as an optional extension to our service, providing the capability for swift deployment of critical security updates as they become available.

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