The UK’s analogue telephone service – the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) – will disappear on 31st December 2025.

Have you planned to migrate your analogue voice services before the PSTN switch-off?

NAK offers easy migration routes away from the PSTN :

  • NAK PhoneLine+ is a quick, simple and cost-effective replacement for analogue telephony
  • NAK Full Unified Communications with Microsoft Teams for integrated voice, video and chat message collaboration

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Why Switch to NAK for Your Telephony Needs?

The PSTN Switch-Off is an opportunity to rationalise your telephony infrastructure and move to advanced technology that offers additional benefits.

Reduced Costs

Improved User Experience

Minimal Migration Effort

You may already be affected by these
common telephony challenges:

Expensive Calling Plans:

Microsoft Calling Plans for Teams is a premium offering you don’t need for delivering voice services to your telephony users.

While straightforward to enable, using voice capabilities in Microsoft Teams end-to-end comes with a hefty price tag.

Poor Usage Analytics:

In call centre or service desk environments, the management information surfaced by Microsoft Teams falls short of the analytics required to measure and manage agent performance.

As Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Inflexible Infrastructure:

Traditional analogue telephone lines require legacy switchboard infrastructure to support multiple handsets or users.

Modern Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions quickly scale to support multiple users without investment in difficult-to-manage telephony infrastructure.

Cost-Effective Telephony Solutions Managed for You by NAK

We’ll work with you to identify the best solution for delivering voice and associated services to your users. Our prime objective is to provide telephony at the optimal price without any expensive, unused features you don’t require.

NAK PhoneLine+ and NAK Full Unified Communications with Microsoft Teams both support a range of capabilities:

VoIP Telephony Features



A standard telephony feature, NAK PhoneLine+ supports email notifications for voicemail messages.

In NAK Full Unified Communications with Microsoft Teams, you can access voicemail through the desktop or smartphone client.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting

Both NAK telephony platforms cater for call waiting, notifying you when someone is trying to call you when you’re already on the phone.

Handset Compatibility

Handset Compatibility

You can use NAK PhoneLine+ with your existing handsets (using an adapter where necessary) and devices, including IP phones, smartphones and tablets.

NAK Full Unified Communications with Microsoft Teams is supported on every handset compatible with Microsoft Teams, or any device that can run a Microsoft Teams client.

Existing Numbers

Existing Numbers

You do not need to change your telephone numbers on signage, stationery, or advertising because you can port your current numbers to either NAK telephony service.

Rich Analytics

Rich Analytics

NAK Full Unified Communications with Microsoft Teams delivers an advanced reporting and analytics suite.

Various dashboards and monitors cover Call Queues and Auto Attendants, allowing you to gain rich insights into the performance of your call centre or service desk.

Fully Managed Service

NAK manages our Voice Services from our headquarters in Northampton.

24 x 7 support is available through our Service Desk, with our Telephony Team available for professional service engagements when you need to make significant changes to your telephony solution.

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