M365 Security & compliance assessment

Want to explore the security and compliance risks your Microsoft 365 tenant poses along with how to mitigate or eliminate them?

NAK’s assessment de-mystifies M365 security risks and issues for you.

A secured and properly configured M365 tenant is essential:

  • In protecting against reputational and legal risks arising from
    security incidents such as data breaches.
  • To predictably recover your M365 data in the event of corruption
    or accidental deletion.

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Why Do You Need a Microsoft 365
Security & Compliance Assessment?

M365 is pervasive in today’s technology landscape and offers many modern workplace features and capabilities. Unsurprisingly, the broad and deep functionality provided by the platform often means the security controls you need aren’t always in place.

Running a well-configured M365 tenant brings numerous benefits, including:

Improved Security

Single User Identity

Performance Efficiency Icon

Business Continuity

You may have experienced some of
these common M365 challenges:

Email Security Worries:

From phishing attacks to undelivered messages, providing a seamless out-of-the-box email service with M365 isn’t always straightforward.

Fighting spam, supporting encrypted messages, and everything in between  – getting your email security right is critical.

Multiple User Identities:

Managing user identities across M365 and on-premises directories can be complicated to configure optimally.

Entra ID, M365, and Active Directory integration means your users need only one identity to access their services.

Backup Problems:

Many organisations need to back up and archive data in M365 and move it to an independent location.

Getting this right is crucial for regulatory compliance and ensuring full recoverability of your M365 services during a data loss incident.

How NAK’s M365 Security & Compliance Assessment Works

Our M365 Security & Compliance Assessment puts your M365 tenant under the microscope to identify missing security controls.

Reviewing your M365 configuration step-by-step, we uncover opportunities for security improvements and suggest how to apply these.

An NAK M365 Security & Compliance Assessment Explores Your Tenant

Identity & Access

Identity & Access

Examining your Entra ID tenant – and any integrated on-premises directories – we’ll determine the best security controls (such as Security Defaults and Conditional Access Policies) for you and ascertain whether these are in place.

Email Security

Email Security

Phishing and spear phishing often spring to mind when thinking about email security.

Considering your security and financial requirements, we recommend practical email defences that protect against phishing and other email attack vectors including malware.

Backup Strategy

Backup Strategy

If you’re not already backing up your M365 data to an isolated location, away from Microsoft Azure and M365, we’ll advise on straightforward ways to implement this.

Security Score

M365 Security Score

At the start of every assessment, we’ll record your M365 Security Score so you’ve got a benchmark for improvements as you progressively introduce tighter security controls.

Interactive Workshop

When we’re ready to share our assessment findings, we’ll schedule an interactive workshop to walk you through the assessment output and share a written report at the end of this session.

The report will highlight critical and high-priority issues and provide actionable, cost-effective solutions.

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