Migration to azure

Do you need to migrate your applications and services quickly and efficiently into Microsoft Azure while minimising risk?

NAK makes your Migration to Azure predictable and guides a smooth infrastructure transition into the cloud.

Working with NAK for your Migration to Azure :

  • Reduces the risk of service outages following migration
  • Saves your team time and effort
  • Constrains costs for migrated infrastructure

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What Makes a Migration to Azure by NAK Unique?

Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted when preparing for a Migration to Azure and is an excellent return on investment as you avoid problems and pitfalls before they occur.

Our focus on exploring and understanding your workloads before they move is vital to delivering a predictable and smooth migration that unlocks benefits for you.

Workload Reliability

Constrained Costs

Time Saved

You can avoid these common problems
when migrating to Microsoft Azure:

Loss of Service:

Migrating a poorly understood workload often leads to an unexpected outage.

Typical examples include infrequently run batch jobs that consume all system resources, resulting in a partial or total loss of service.

Large Azure Bills:

On-premises or data centre configurations mapped straight into Azure frequently accrue high costs.

Windows Performance Counters will trigger significant Log Analytics charges if you use an overly aggressive sampling rate.

Long Timelines:

Rushing the migration of your infrastructure into Azure can trigger failed migrations which need to be re-scheduled.

Every unsuccessful migration attempt extends your overall timeline and can cause a loss of stakeholder confidence.

How Does NAK’s Migration to Azure Work?

Starting with an in-depth exploration of the applications and services you want to migrate to Azure, we produce a predictable and confident plan for your cloud cutover.

Collaborating with your team and your existing infrastructure or application vendors, we use our deep experience to drive successful, de-risked migrations.

The Building Blocks of a Predictable and Successful Migration to Azure



Taking the time to comprehend your applications and services in their current state, we gather all requirements and specifications.

Documenting the behaviour and expectations of your workloads allows us to recommend the best way to accommodate them in Microsoft Azure.



Once we understand exactly what you need to migrate and how it works, we produce a Migration Roadmap.

Each workload scheduled for migration is assigned to a Migration Wave according to priority, complexity and risk.

Landing Zone

Landing Zone

Should you require an Azure Landing Zone to receive migrated workloads, we will design and deploy one for you.

NAK can also migrate to an existing Azure Landing Zone, which is subject to review when scoping your overall migration.



With Discovery complete, a Migration Roadmap published, and a Landing Zone ready, we can start migration!

We guide each Migration Wave through the transition process before handing the workloads over to you for live operation in Azure.

Migrate at Pace

With the critical ingredients for successful migrations in place, our team can scale your transition to Azure so you meet the tightest deadlines.

NAK typically migrates up to three Migration Waves per week once all key dependencies are in place.

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