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Has running your Microsoft Azure infrastructure estate become a burden for your team? With help from NAK, you can quickly and easily reduce your Azure operational load.

Using NAK’s Azure Managed Service means :

  • You free up your team from managing and running your Azure infrastructure.
  • Improved service delivery through proactive monitoring and support by NAK’s 24 x 7 Service Desk.
  • Reduced Azure costs driven by a monthly NAK Azure Financial Operations (FinOps) Review.

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Why You Need an Azure Managed Service From NAK

Microsoft Azure’s capabilities and reach change almost daily. Keeping abreast of the latest Azure developments is yet another task your busy team must contend with.

Engaging a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to manage and run your Azure estate brings many benefits.

Saves Time

Improves Service

Reduces Costs

Microsoft Azure is complex with
many operational challenges:

Time consuming:

Managing Azure infrastructure takes time and effort, especially if you’re manually clicking around in the Azure Portal.

Leveraging automated approaches for configuring and operating Azure reduces the work needed to keep your environment running smoothly.


Many long-standing concepts and patterns transfer naturally to the cloud.

Azure also introduces new and different ways of deploying and operating your infrastructure, which are alien to organisations at the start of their cloud journey.


Using default settings across your Azure footprint is a surefire way to quickly run up a hefty bill.

Regular FinOps assessments constrain and control your monthly Azure charges.

How NAK’s Azure Managed Service Works

We manage and run your Azure estate, including proactive monitoring and fault resolution.

Focusing on virtual machines and Azure Networking, our Azure Managed Service is perfect if you plan to migrate – or have migrated – virtual servers into Microsoft Azure.

We Manage, so You Don’t Need To

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Supported up to – and including – the OS, we manage your Azure virtual machines.

Bundled monitoring (up/down, CPU, memory and disk space) is coupled with coverage for simple configuration changes, such as attaching and detaching disks.



Management of Azure Virtual Networks, expanding to cover simple changes (e.g. adding a small number of rules to an existing Network Security Group).

Virtual Networks, Network Security Groups, Route Tables, Azure Firewalls and Azure VPN Gateways are all supported.



Our standard observability suite monitors virtual machines and virtual networks.

We include pre-defined alerts to our Service Desk, which can be forwarded to your management systems if required.

FinOps Reviews

FinOps Reviews

A monthly Azure FinOps Review is a standard part of our Azure Managed Service.

Assessing your cloud costs month on month, we identify opportunities to reduce and constrain your Azure expenditure.



Patching virtual machines running in Azure is an optional NAK Azure Managed Service extension.

We will patch your virtual machines using Azure Update Manager and can widen this to on-premises virtual machines (using Azure Arc) if required.

A Flexible Service To Match Your Needs

Our standard Azure Managed Service, Onboard, includes all the useful features we’ve explained so far.

If you want more involvement in managing your Azure infrastructure, we also offer two other flavours of our Azure Managed Service:


Allows you to self-manage infrastructure deployed in Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscriptions purchased from NAK.

We support you by:

  • Routing Azure Support Requests to Microsoft
  • Requesting any Quota Increases you require
  • Creating Azure Reservations and Azure Savings Plans on your behalf

Where your monthly Azure spend is ten thousand pounds or above, we provide a quarterly Azure FinOps Review.


Including everything in Relay, we also add:

  • Twelve Azure Consultancy Days per annum
  • A monthly Azure FinOps Review

which you can use across your entire Azure estate.

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