BLOG: Is it Time to Re-Imagine Your Branch Infrastructure?

The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and SaaS applications, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and guest WiFi all increase the complexity of branch IT infrastructure whether that be in a retail outlet, a restaurant, a café, or a regional office. IT teams are under an ever-growing amount of pressure to deliver the best possible experience in every location, while facing the challenge of moving quickly and maintaining and securing an increasingly complex environment.

While the needs of remote IT have changed dramatically in recent years, the underlying topology architecture has not, creating unacceptable security risks, unmanageable IT burdens, and an inability to operate at the pace the business demands.

Over two-thirds, 67 percent of organisations say that network blind spots are one of the biggest challenges they face when trying to protect their data.
Source: Vanson Bourne Survey


What does this mean?

It is now time for distributed organisations to re-imagine their branch infrastructure. To converge security and networking, to embrace the software-defined era and create a modern, digital infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and agile.

SD-Branch is the concept of redefining the network edge in the branch and providing that single pane of glass onto your branch infrastructure. It enables you to connect your end-to-end network, optimise branch connectivity, perform zero-touch provisioning, and provide your centralised teams with greater visibility and control of your distributed environment.


The value of SD-Branch

Increase Agility

By simplifying deployment and utilising software defined infrastructure you significantly increase the speed at which you can respond to business need.

Improve Visibility

By unifying every part of your branch infrastructure and gaining unprecedented visibility across your end-to-end network.

Improve Experience

By leveraging AI powered ML to continually monitor and optimise your branch network and ensure the best possible experience is always delivered.

Reduce Risk

By putting in place market leading security at every branch and ensuring that your security policies are consistently applied in each and every location.

Reduce Management Overhead

By providing you with a cloud-managed infrastructure with zero-touch provisioning reducing the time your team spends managing the network.

Reduce Cost

By embracing SD-WAN to optimise connectivity and delivering a far better price/performance, with resilience and without provider lock-in.


Are you ready to talk SD-Branch?

NAK are not just a Fortinet Partner, we have extensive experience of providing secure managed network to distributed organisations. We are helping our customers to take incremental steps towards a SASE based architecture that combines networking and security and embraces the SDN era. We can help you to review your current branch-based technology in terms of business needs, performance and security, and assist you in building a future roadmap to take you to where you want to be.

At NAK we are helping many organisations embark on this journey and would be more than happy to share our thoughts and experiences. Simply reach out to the team on 0300 456 0471 or email