You are likely to be struggling to gain the deep insight you need into your branch and remote network infrastructure; to truly understand if your security posture is strong enough, identify the applications that are running on your WAN edge and the impact they are having on bandwidth and network performance.

The NAK WAN/SD-WAN Assessment provides you with the comprehensive insight that you need to identify network issues you can quickly resolve and provide you with the analytical data you require to create a WAN roadmap and determine whether SD-WAN is appropriate for your organisation.


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Security Posture

By understanding the application usage at your WAN edge, we are able to analyse and assess your security posture, identifying apps with vulnerabilities, malware and botnets on your network and potential high-risk areas.

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Network Utilisation

We enable you to gain the full picture on network utilisation, understand the bandwidth used, the balance across business and personal traffic and usage fluctuation across days and intra-day.

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Application Usage

We help you understand the applications being used on the WAN edge, whether these are business or personal, the resources they are using and the network destinations they are connecting to.


As a Fortinet partner, we are able to utilise the market-leading FortiGate technology to analyse your network traffic as well as Fortinet’s comprehensive tools to provide you with the detailed insights you require.

The process is simple. Once you have requested the NAK WAN Assessment, we set up a FortiGate appliance that we provide and connect behind your organisation’s gateway firewall or at a branch office. We normally collect enough data in a matter of days allowing us to provide you with the required insights. We analyse these logs and provide you with a comprehensive assessment report which we walk you through along with our recommendations.

The Value Delivered

The aim of the NAK WAN Assessment is to provide you with detailed visibility into how your current branch network/WAN is being used; delivering real insight into potential issues you have and how these can be addressed to deliver the best possible end-user experience.

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Application Visibility

into which applications are being used across your network and what internal/external resources they are connected to.

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User Experience

understanding the performance of your WAN in terms of the experience it is providing your end-users.

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Security Risks

pin-pointing those high-risk applications being used across your network and identifying areas of vulnerability.

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Bandwidth Utilisation

identifying which parts of your network consume the most bandwidth as well as understanding where current bottlenecks exist.

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SD-WAN Benefits

gaining insight into how SD-WAN can improve the performance, manageability, and security of your WAN.

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Cost Savings

enabling you to accurately understand where different connectivity options could provide cost savings across your branch network.

Let’s Talk WAN Assessment

We are currently offering our NAK Secure WAN Assessment as a no-obligation, free of charge service.

If you are interested in NAK performing a WAN Assessment for you or want to discuss your specific challenges in more detail, then please reach out to us and we will connect you with one of our technical specialists.