Managed Secure Network

A Managed Secure Network

The shape of the IT landscape has changed significantly over the past decade.  Adoption of cloud means environments extend beyond infrastructure that we own and the increase in mobile access and the virtualisation of the workforce is extending the boundaries of the network. This is redefining how we secure this new perimeter-less environment with an emphasis on not just protecting the branch and data centre but making security an integral part of our local and wide area network.


At NAK, we are embracing the principles of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to support our clients to secure their network. We offer a broad range of solutions and managed services to enable you to secure your mobile user, on-premises and cloud environments, to control and manage access and provide your end-users with secure end-to-end application environments in which to operate.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

At the heart of our approach is SASE, the framework that has emerged to converge networking and security services into a unified, cloud-managed solution. SASE combines the Networking elements of (SD-WAN, VPNs, and QoS) with the security elements of (NGFW, ZTNA, CASB, DNS, Threat Prevention, Secure Web Gateways and DLP) to support the secure connectivity of your end-users in any location accessing the applications and data they require in the new multi-cloud world.


Our expertise in both networking and security ideally places us to guide you on your journey to create a network that is secure by design – taking the incremental steps to deploy the technologies to protect the perimeter-less environment, leverage the network as a sensor, and to control and protect access.

Our Managed Network Security Solutions

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We help you make the step to physical and virtual Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW). These enable you to increase protection by extending traditional port/protocol inspection and add application-level inspection, intrusion prevention and intelligently leverage the network as a security sensor.

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Secure Access Management

Through smart Identify & Access Management solutions we enable you to create a Zero-Trust environment where you set the policies of who has access to what services. We help you deploy the tools to authenticate access and to control how users are able to traverse your network and access critical systems and data.

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Web & DNS Gateways

The web has effectively become part of your IT environment and as such, you need to protect your end-users and corporate network from all of the threat vectors this creates. We help you deploy Secure Web Gateways and DNS level security to reduce the risks of both inbound and outbound web traffic.

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Security & Network Monitoring

We provide a range of managed proactive monitoring services to leverage the tools available to inspect the traffic on your network and to quickly identify abnormal behaviour which could be associated with a security breach. This level of monitoring enables potential threats to be quickly highlighted, isolated and remediated.

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Patch & Vulnerability Management

Keeping up to date with a threat landscape that is continually evolving is a challenge for any organisation. We help you to take every step possible to mitigate risk by ensuring your network and IT environment is up to date with the latest patches to address identified potential areas of vulnerability.

How We Connect & Secure The DOTS

As more organisations look to embrace a SASE approach to securing their network, it can be confusing with different vendors having their own interpretation on the best approach. We help to demystify the jargon, to agnostically help you understand the options available and to take the right steps in securing your network. Our proven DOTS approach will help you to assess your current state, to identify the gaps and areas of risk and create not only a blueprint for your desire end-state, but a clear road-map of how you get there.


Our Discovery will help define your journey, Optimise will enable you to better leverage the security elements you have in place now, Transition will allow you to embrace the technologies available to reduce risk and our managed Services will provide you with the meticulous proactive monitoring and management to secure your boundaryless environment.

Want To Understand More?

Whether you have a specific area of concern or looking to create a blueprint to secure your network, the best starting point is to have a no obligation conversation with one of our secure networking specialists. They will be able to quickly understand your specific challenges and share how we are helping similar organisations overcome these.

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