Best Practice Guide: Four ways to create IT Agility in the fast-paced world of Retail and Hospitality

I am sure you have days where you question your judgement of being an IT leader in the retail or hospitality sector. The past few years have been a complete nightmare for both sectors and now things have opened back up, the pressure on IT teams has exploded.

It is difficult to think of another sector that moves at the pace of retail and hospitality. In the past twelve months 14,477 restaurants/cafés have opened in the UK, the equivalent of 48 each and every day. There is a similar rate of change in the retail sector albeit a different type of shake-up, according to PWC 48 stores/outlets are closing each day and 21 new ones opening.

This Best Practice Guide explores four ways to help you create IT Agility in the fast-paced world of the Retail and Hospitality sector.

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